Rodney St.Michael's Message to Oprah

by rstmichael
Description: I had paranoid schizophrenia 16 years ago, and after viewing a 7-year old girl with childhood schizophrenia in Oprah's show, I want to share some comments, as well as my own story.
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Jani Schofield's Schizophrenia

Posted on Oct 11, 2009 1:14 PM

Rodney St.Michael's Message to Oprah

Jani Schofield's Schizophrenia
Posted on Oct 10, 2009 9:44 PM

Hi Oprah!

Finally you have an interesting show about schizophrenia.

I developed paranoid schizophrenia about 16 years ago in California, and I was confined in Las Encinas Hospital. Now I'm back in South East Asia and East Asia, and I'm better. (Even if a lot of natural disasters have hit the area recently)

I have written four books about my experience:

1) Little Voices: A True Paranoid Schizophrenic Adventure (978-0738823270)
2) Illuminati: Healing and Developing the Mind (978-0595259663)
3) Sync My World: A SEA & Nautical Map to Relative Peace (978-1-4116-0286-1)
4) Sync My World: Thief's Honor GA SK (978-0-557-08220-9)

I heard five voices and drew five diagrams in my first book. And after years of analysis, I have concluded in my fourth book that these five elements are what I call "gender minds." Each person has a ("male") left and ("female") right brain. And in different combinations, they produce five basic minds in different combinations or groupings, much like the political systems of different countries or organizations.

They can be combined in an "infinite" number of ways, such as the colors red, green and blue (RGB) which can produce millions of colors on your computer screen depending on the shades.

Jani's Hallucinations can be explained this way:

24-Hours (little girl) - female gender mind
400 (Cat) - bisexual (most dangerous)
Wednesday(Rat) or birds - gay (dangerous too)
dogs - male
girl in background (?) - lesbian

My Voices or Hallucinations:

Oobola -female
Ulol - male
Tanga - bisexual (most terrifying voice)
Feelsoree - gay
Inoe - lesbian

While most people's gender minds are silent like your conscience, a schizophrenic's mind has an imbalance of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) and hormones. Thus, the gender minds become audible while normally, it is inaudible.

My fourth book also has a free ebook version (232 pages) which explains the cause of this condition. (Unfortunately, I can't type the web address here since your terms and conditions prohibit external URLs). While some doctors believe that it is caused by a virus (Torrey) and others believe that it is "genetic," it is actually astrophysically-caused. A basic knowledge of astrophysics is required to understand it, but even lay people will be able to grasp at least some parts of it.

California law requires schizophrenics forced drug inducement through neuroleptics, which are actually molecular derivatives of insecticides. Taken in the long run, it will cause severe and permanent nerve damage, and you will look like Michael J. Fox, as he is right now.

My books, however, discuss a safer solution which is in tandem with some of the themes of your show. I hope that other schizophrenics around the world can benefit from it.

Thanks and have a pleasant day!

Rodney St. Michael

P.S. While normally, all people have the five basic gender minds in various degrees that create unique personalities, it is amplified by an imbalance in brain chemicals, and it is more pronounced in females since their right and left brains are more connected via the corpus callosum (the "cable" that connects your left and right brain).

They can speak as "one voice" like the one-party system of China, or as a two-party system like Democrats and Republicans, or as a multi-party system with numerous voices like India's political system.

Your brain is like congress or a parliament, and when you become schizophrenic, it is like senators or members of parliament "killing" each other or locked in indecision. But when they speak with one voice, there is peace.

P.S. 2

Jani should imagine the dog barking at 400 (cat), Wednesday (rat), the birds and any other animals. The dog should maintain order and discipline and tame even 24Hours and any other girl. An image of a Chinese Fu dog from a Feng Shui shop in her room would be helpful.

P.S.3 The Oracle at Delphi

In the ancient past and in some parts of Asia today, schizophrenics play an important role in society. They were usually respected shamans, prophets or the like. So in Jani's case, if she lived in Ancient Greece, she would probably be part of the Oracle at Delphi, a highly respected shrine used for making important decisions.

If the elders for example needed to know if they could win a war in the Middle East against the Hindu-Arabs, they would consult the Oracle, since they believed that schizophrenics were in touch with the natural forces of nature and were like weather instruments. For example, if Obama had to consult the Oracle for his war in Afghanistan with Jani's symbols, the omens would be pretty bad. The "bisexual" or the "Brown Male" is named "400", a formidable name. And the "gays" or the "Whites" are depicted as indecisive rats (Wednesday being the middle of the week), not as powerful eagles for instance. A bad sign.

The elders would probably agree that the force of nature is not with them since it favors the "Brown Male". So their best strategy is to retreat. However, the rat is a gambler and he may try to take a chance. But the chances of success are poor since the "weather" is pretty bad for him.