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Jumbled Rough Draft for Sync My World: Thief's Honor GA SK
(See Sync My World Chapter 1 for Chapter Descriptions and Download Free Draft)
Last modified 01 Aug 2008 [10:43 UTC]
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Chapter 2: Reviewing the Biological Nature of the Five Elements

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Friday 01 of August, 2008
I'll be going back to China for the Beijing Olympics and I'd like to take this last opportunity to exercise my constitutional right to the freedom of speech before a communication brown-out. As some of you who travel to China know, some websites, specially non-Chinese news, is blocked. Ironically, it gives you a very welcome respite from a type of “Opium of the People”, as the communists would say. Even many Americans would agree that they are sick and tired of watching American news propaganda, sick movies, worthless sitcoms, and they are intoxicated and drugged by tons of junk mail, annoying music, solicitations, flyers, billboards and the like. It even patches up your wallet from cable fees, magazine subscriptions, indirect franchise-fees, theater tickets and other payments to the “drug lords”.

Image“Drugs” can delude you. Indeed, to be in Beijing's Forbidden City during the Olympics can feel a bit crazy. I guess that's what the Olympics is all about—ironically competing and cooperating simultaneously. I wonder if the Ming emperors ever wondered if foreign “barbarians” from all over the planet, friend and foe alike, would ever gather here together as “One World”, even for only a few days.

The notorious walls that barred foreigners and foes are seemingly vanishing. Even President Bush will be in my ancestral home to save the world from himself. The last time I felt his personal presence was when he visited Metro Manila years ago. I'll also be dropping by Shanghai to observe the “jet venting hole” through the World Financial Center, currently the tallest building in the world (spires aside), in the race for King Dong. Hopefully, Murphy's Law will also decide to take a break. Then, I'll be flying to Xiamen, to visit my paternal grandparents who recently moved there to escape the harsh winters of Beijing, where they used to live. It will be a fine respite for me too, before going back to Hong Kong and Macau.

ImageThis gives me an opportunity to think about the past and the old stories that my maternal grandmother used to tell me. She used to say that we were related to the Last Emperor “Henry” Pu Yi, but, filial piety aside, I think she may be deluded, or at the very least, mistaken. I think she conceived this error by thinking that Pu Yi is the emperor's surname. My Manchurian maternal great grandfather “Edward” Yii was a Beijing diplomat under the early republican government who was assigned to head a Southeast Asian consulate. He served the Chinese consulate during World War II and was imprisoned by the Japanese during the occupation years. Sadly, he died in Fort Santiago, but after the Japanese surrendered and withdrew, he was honored with a 21-gun salute. The communists, however, eventually took over China after WW II, and the nationalist republican government had to flee to Taiwan. Grandma couldn't go back to China.

I think grandma did not realize that when the people called the Last Emperor, Pu Yi, they were calling him by his first name instead of his regal name to mock him. For the Chinese, calling a high ranking individual by their first name is disrespectful. Grandma must have thought PuYi was his last name, not his given name. But here I am, going back to Beijing where my ancestors came from, fortunately not related to royalty, and still enjoying a commoner's life.

Delusions are a sad thing, since it can be harmful. Maybe, that's even an understatement. I watched Christian Bale as Batman again a few weeks ago, and I remembered how some Hong Kong residents reacted last year while Chris Nolan was shooting some scenes there, specially where Batman jumps from the top of the pointy 2-IFC and crashes into it with views of the buildings near Victoria Harbour. Nolan wrote to the residents of those buildings, urging them to keep their rooms illuminated the whole night to accommodate the late night shooting scenes for a more spectacular view of Hong Kong. Most residents, though, were indifferent and did not comply with Nolan's special request. Some "green" Chinese environmentalists even condemned Nolan for wasting energy and destroying the planet.

Maybe some Chinese remembered the 1960s Batman who sported tights like Superman, wearing bikini briefs over, instead of under, his pants. Maybe they thought, “When men like to wear tight fitting clothes and emphasize their underwear, doesn't that make them gay? Isn't that something that gay men do when they run along the streets of San Francisco or Sydney during their parades? Don't gay men love to wear tight leather pants and body-fit leather jackets in downtown Toronto? Don't they love to wear gay masks during the Venetian Carnivale? And isn't there something that they're hiding that we need to know? Look up in the sky! Is that a bird, a queen, or Superman?”

Sure enough, when I actually watched the Dark Knight during its opening day on July 17 in the Philippines, my hunches were confirmed.

“...Parang Bading...(like a fag)”, said a woman next to me while Bale dressed up in front of Michael Caine.

ImageMaybe that's why Ang Lee did so well in Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger portraying a closet queen, but did so poorly with the Incredible Hulk. It seems to confirm my theory about the four primal elements. The free preview of my third book, Sync My World, shows an oversimplified brain illustration labeling the “Far left” (White), “Center Left” (Yellow), “Center Right” (Brown), and “Far Right” (Black), which corresponds to the "races" and their characteristics. The Left is “rational”, and the Right is “emotional”. Of course, it seems so politically incorrect. Hence, I did not include everything in Sync My World's introduction. But at this point, with the death of Ledger, who played the Joker, through an “accidental” psychiatric drug overdose, after the production of the Dark Knight, although hesitant as I am, I think it would be inappropriate not to include it, since Ledger's sacrifice would be in vain if it were omitted.

ImageSince the “Far Left” and “Right” are extremists, they are pendulum swingers. They tend to have characteristics on the opposite side every now and then. In other words, Whites are “gay”, Yellows are “male”, Browns are “female” and Blacks are “lesbians”. Of course, there is an infinite amount of combinations, and these are approximate descriptions of characteristics displayed by the "races."

After all, how could a straight Taiwanese man, like Ang Lee, know anything about gay white Americans? Or how to act it properly? You simply exaggerate a European American's manners relative to everyone else's. An outside observer would notice this more like a fish out of water. While in water, fish never know what water is because they are not mindful of it. How many Americans are aware that when they admire Superman, they are subliminally admiring a man in gay attire, like admiring a participant in a gay-pride parade?

ImageRelative to everyone else, Whites (Fire) are fashionable. They like to wear tight-fitting clothes. They greet each other by grasping each other's hands, pumping their arms or hugging and kissing each other's cheeks, even if they are both male. Whites are vivid in art, whether visual or performing, and their art is more colorful. They are more sociable and they converse relatively in a loud and gay manner. They possess sculptures of naked men, even idolizing one that hangs from a cross. They are good in flattery and spin. When they make movies, it is full of variety, with special attention to gender-neutral (children's) markets, revolving around fantastic "gay" themes, spread through subliminal marketing tricks, like bacteria, viruses and contagious diseases, feared by the Yellows, who build "Great Red Firewalls" against it, just like protecting a forest (Wood) from wildfire.

Yellows (Air or Wood), next in line, are "male." They greet each other by bowing or through the hand-over-fist bow or with the curled-prayer salute. They dress sloppily, favoring loose clothes like pajamas. They are relatively comfortable discussing disgusting matters and are relatively dull or unsettling in art, unless they are “mixed” like the Japanese. Their color palettes don't match up properly. They are blunt and are awkward socially. They are not good conversationalists, but are rational. They never get tired of creating Kung Fu movies, and love to see fighters endlessly killing each other. Their food is sometimes presented with the head, tail, claws, tentacles and other undesirable parts intact. They may be uncomfortable with Whites, just as men are uncomfortable with gays.

ImageOn the other hand, Browns (Water & Space Ether or Metal) are "female." They greet each other with the straight-finger prayer salute, palm-on-forehead bow, nose-pressing or other intimate displays of affection. They have great difficulty carrying their emotional baggage and cannot live without their relationships. They like to talk and gossip and are relatively more comfortable being with the Whites and Yellows since females are comfortable being with gays or men but not necessarily lesbians. Although they usually prefer "gay" or "pseudo-gay" characteristics, specially for "good times" and "dating," they may eventually commit to "males" for practical reasons. They are relatively better caregivers. They create movies about relationships. Boy meets girl. They fall in love, but their parents are disagreeable, or there may be some type of love triangle, or they must overcome some type of persecution. Of course, on occasion, there must be a dance number in the end!

Lastly, Blacks (Earth) are "lesbians." Some of them greet each other by kneeling (female) or prostrating (male); others bow slightly, slide palms or shake hands. They like native things. They seem to have female characteristics since they are smooth, nimble and relatively talkative. However, they're athletic. They are usually not in the limelight, but they may be political. They are also better known for their verbal skills. Hence, their movies are limited. Yellows may not be threatened by them, just as males are not alarmed by lesbians, unless the lesbians are in competition with them. But Browns may dislike them. And Whites may only join them if necessary, specially if they have to rally for their democratic rights.

ImageAs you can see, the harmony and conflict relationships illustrated in the introduction to Sync My World, using the five-pointed star or Pentacle of Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius), can similarly show the relationships between the four Colors. The relationship star or stars is traditionally used in national iconography or corporate trademarks. The color relationships, for example, are visible in white (“gay”) America, through President Bush. He had a relationship with Saudi Arabia's (“pseudo-gay”) Bin Laden family which turned sour. Bitter about that relationship, (“gay”) Bush tries to score on a difficult “gay-to-straight” relationship with China's Hu Jintao. But he eventually may become disappointed as usual and settle for a more traditional and elegant “gay-to-gay marriage” with Europe. (Fire melts Metal, feeds on Wood, thrives in an inferno, but is extinguished by Water and Earth.)

Conflicts also arise as a result of delusionary views toward preferences. For instance, Western business processes usually involve what I call gayification(TM). You can buy a rotten male-lived house for a low price. Then fix it up, paint it with harmonious colors and decorate it. Buyers will be attracted to it and you can raise the price and strike a profit! You gayified(TM) the house. You can do the same thing with a car, a business process or even the entire business itself. Now, just because this works for business and entertainment, some people think that the whole world should be gayified. Governments, cultures, you name it. And if they don't, tough sanctions would be enforced on their straight necks! After all, isn't the earth called Gaea?

ImageBut what these people forget is the way nature works. Not everyone likes peach, fushia pink and baby blue. Some like indigo. Some people like lime, tangerine and cyan. Some like it all black. Others, earthy beige, forest green and chestnut brown. What is “better” is a matter of preference. Although usually, the most common preference is considered “best.” Consequently, people fight endlessly and engage in “great” Alexander-like forms of “sodomy”, thinking that the “best” should overcome the “worst”, not realizing that the spectrum of “best” and “worst” are relative and will never disappear. They waste their energy.

These are, of course, generalizations and cannot be used precisely. There are always exceptions. (The final scenes of the Dark Knight suggest a superficial recognition of a “gay”, Two-Faced American democratic system. It would imply that although a single-minded Chinese-style authoritarian system is imperfect, the Chinese system is relatively more beneficial. The relationships of the four "races" and the four genders also suggest that the “gay” two-faced nature of Whites and Brown males (Space Ether or Metal, "feminine males" or "pseudo-gays" ) is prone to harmful behavior, or even acts of terrorism at worst. But due to a multitude of other factors, including the Uncertainty Principle, it is not always true. Brain bio-chemical processes function at the quantum level, resulting in variations. Browns have sometimes resorted to a maternal society, as opposed to the paternal society of Yellows, to promote "single-mindedness" because Brown males are inconsistent. They invented the "3 Rs," but they have also resorted to various forms of "cannibalism." Ironically, "Cannibalism" and terrorism result from taking the self-image or the relational world too seriously. Abrupt changes are devastating. Remember, the "pseudo-gay" invented the idea of "sacred sacraments," including Holy Communion and Marriage, through Iranian Mithraism and the like, later copied by the "gays" through the Catholic Church. Don't forget too that the brain chemicals of love can be equivalent to the hallucinogen LSD. Schizophrenic symptoms such as the Cloud-9 and "Angels and Demons" effect can be simulated by falling in love. Partnerships between the "male" Yellows and "female" Browns to produce stability have been sought after, but without the "gays" and "lesbians" in the picture, it cannot succeed, just as Wood rots when soaked. It needs some sunshine and soil to survive. Creating harmonious chemistry with a beneficial relationship diagram, however, is difficult at best and impossible at worst. It is not as simple as drawing the Olympic Rings, although to achieve it is the Middle Way. Not a vain uncertain pursuit like multi-dimensional string theory or CERN's super collider. Nor a permanent fusion like "gays" and "lesbians." But a separable practical partnership as "male" and "female," with their family, friends and acquaintances. It's common sense.)

These characteristics are indeed dark. Heath Ledger's Joker portrayal in the Dark Knight shows the extreme side of “gays”, specially if they are “closet queens”. Some people may think that his case is entirely environmentally caused, as he explains with his dagger. But there is a more “sinister” biological, astrophysical cause.

Art is related to deception, and deception to banditry and militancy. Art is all about fooling the senses. Something ugly can be portrayed in a beautiful manner such as the way Hollywood produces “true” stories. The opposite is true, such as the way Senator Obama was wickedly caricatured by the New Yorker. Consequently, groups such as the Taliban or philosophers like Plato, oppose art. This is also why the Chinese communists used to oppose advertising, which is the forte of gays, because the people could be robbed by businessmen. This is also why they block some non-Chinese media broadcasts to China. One man's news is another man's propaganda.

Seeing a Coke commercial may also make you feel good or viewing a Pepsi ad may make you thirst for it. Presentation is the key, or rather, the “trick”. A “magnificent sculpture” such as a Trojan horse could sack your city. A lovely lass may elude security personnel. The media could picture a “third world” country to look worse than a “first world” country, even if in reality, considering all things, it may be equal or even better occasionally. Hence, the Buddha, mindful of the drug pushers and addicts of India, advised “Right View” as a key step to personal freedom, since our perception can deceive us.

ImageMany times, you suffer because of delusionary views. you may think that something is better than another, but it is basically identical. You may think, for instance, that you are extremely superior to a fruit fly, not realizing that flies share almost 60% of human genes. And a chimp's genes? It's at least 94% identical to yours!

You may also believe sometimes that you are being intelligent, rational and reasonable. But intelligence is related to autism, and even to the symptoms of Down's Syndrome. Yellows sometimes achieve wonders historically, then suddenly shut themselves up and act irrationally.

In addition, Browns may become slaves to their relationships. They may never know how to live for themselves. And Blacks may feel they are persecuted all the time.

Everything in the universe is yin and yang with its varying degrees. You are not hurt by what you see, feel, hear, smell, or taste, but how you perceive and think about it. And if you free your mind from delusion, you can sleep better. Honestly, it's easier said than done, but it's better than being a doctor's dope!

This is Heath Ledger's note to you. Remember him every time you visit Ronald McDonald's restaurant, the global American icon. Remember how enigmatic and sick it is. Today it entertains and satisfies your cravings. Tomorrow, it kills you. Remember Ledger's deadly sacrifice to deliver this message. And remember, America doesn't need your pity. Nor your compassion. Just your benevolent understanding. May he rest in peace.


Black/Lesbian Voice: “There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.”

-- Martin Luther King, Jr., African American Civil Rights Leader, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, 1964

Brown Male/Pseudo-Gay Voice: "Reject the immoral acts of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling, and usury,"

--Osama Bin Laden, World-Famous Terrorist, London Observer, 2002

Brown Female/Female Voice: “...Parang Bading...(like a fag)”

--Voice of the Malay woman in the Movie Theater, in response to the Dark Knight's "pseudo-gay" side

Voices of Yellow/Male and White/Gay in Conversation: “That's better, eh? You almost swallowed half the river!...What's your name?...I'm Tintin...”

“I am Chang Chong-chen...But...why did you save my life? I thought all white devils were wicked, like those who killed my grandfather and grandmother long ago. During the War of Righteous and Harmonious Fists, my Father said.”

“The Boxer Rebellion, yes. But Chang, all white men aren't wicked. You see, different peoples don't know enough about each other. Lots of Europeans still believe that all Chinese are cunning and cruel and wear pigtails, are always inventing tortures, and eating rotten eggs and swallows' nests...The same stupid Europeans are quite convinced that all Chinese have tiny feet, and even now little Chinese girls suffer agonies with bandages designed to prevent their feet developing normally. They're even convinced that Chinese rivers are full of unwanted babies, thrown in when they are born. So you see Chang, that's what lots of people believe about China!”

“They must be crazy people in your country!!”

--Herge, Belgian cartoonist in The Adventures of Tintin: The Blue Lotus (a Shanghai opium den), first published as Le Lotus Bleu in the Brussels magazine Le Petit Vingtieme, 1934-5.

Voice of I AM: These voices, the voices of the five genders and "races," are remarkably equivalent to the objective account in my first book, Little Voices--The voices of Inoe, Tanga, Oobola, Feelsoree and Ulol, respectively. The analytical spectrum, present in everyone's mind that I discovered thanks to the Chinese, enabled me to analyze my personal mind spectrum just like CERN's supercollider--a very objective analysis since I did not realize this until several years later. I'm now confident that this gender-"race" analysis is more or less accurate. The gay, lesbian, bi, male and female world demographic proportions are even roughly similar to world "race" demographic proportions where Yellows and Browns (at approximately 35% each) are the most populous just like male and female, both considered to be the most "normal" due to a majority vote, and approximately 15% each for the two groups at the extreme sides of the "bell curve." This symmetry is obviously not coincidental, and it is a strong argument for my astrophysical theory. Indeed, it is undeniably true that we cannot separate ourselves from others since every "race," gender and class is a part of ourselves, even the animals, which are sentient beings as well. We all belong to an integrated web. Thus, the Buddhists say, "there is no Self, there is no Other." Your "True Self" is dynamic, interconnected and impermanent, always changing depending on circumstance and time. And like light, appearing as only one color, unless it travels through a prism, the mind is actually composed of many colors. It is also like sunlight passing through atmospheric water droplets after a storm, producing a rainbow. And it searches, somewhere Over the Rainbow, for the Wizard of Oz, who might be able to balance out its elements and bring it back home to reality. Truly enlightening!

--Rodney St.Michael

Premise: I will be using my gender-"race" astrophysical theory as a premise in the fourth installment--Sync My World: Thief's Honor (Ren Qing) GA SK --of my pentology, which is now in the Air stage. The orientations of all the systems in the world are based on this premise. As I mentioned earlier for example, the American democratic system is a "gay" system while the Chinese authoritarian system is "male." This is true for political, religious, social, economic, military or other systems, including language and writing (pictograms versus sounds). Evolution moves through the "genders" in pendulum oscillations toward equilibrium and rest. For instance, my book starts with the "Lesbian/Black" version, followed by "Gay/White," "Female/Brown" and "Male/Yellow," as it normalizes. Then if it is jolted, it moves back and forth again, which is why the old Western evolutionary model of a "chimp" ascending to "Java Man," "Peking Man" and culminating to White man is now obsolete. The latest genomic research indicates that Yellows descended from Africa, passed through the genes of all "races," including the Albino-like mutant who settled in Europe and bred with others to form Brown man (like Obama) and Yellow Man (like me). Yellows did not descend from "Peking Man" (the extinct Homo Erectus) as originally thought. Consequently, there is technically only one race--all living humans descended from an African Homo Sapien, which developed into five "gender breeds," having another five genders within each "gender breed." Of course, there are five "minds" within each gender. Indeed, there is no such thing as 100% Chinese, only 100% "Everyone." It turns out that Whites were caught again cutting the Ascent-of-Man Queue and have to move back in line. Of course, just as men assimilate gay culture, such as sporting an Italian suit or Western haircut or organizing European-styled weddings and banquets, "male" systems or other "genders" also adopt traits from others, moving toward equilibrium, unless the cycle is disturbed.

Origin of Super Red Underwear & Cape: Some of you may be wondering how Siegel & Shuster, the creators of Superman in 1932, conceptualized the idea of Superman emphasizing his red underwear. Just like the story of Cinderella, it may have all started in China. According to ancient Chinese legends, a man-eating beast, called Nian, attacked Chinese villagers regularly and terrorized everyone. But one day, a brave eccentric old Buddhist monk, who laughed all the time, discovered that he could frighten Nian away by flashing his red underwear, creating loud noises and perhaps showing a bit or two of his martial-arts prowess. Consequently, villagers concluded that Nian was red-phobic and started painting the town red. Eventually, every Chinese New Year, the people would wear red or adorn objects with red to keep away the essence of "evil" or "bad luck." This idea caught up with the whole country, and even today, the Chinese follow this tradition, using fireworks to symbolize "loud noises" and a "lion" dance (2 men under a lion-like costume) to symbolize Nian, the bearer of "bad luck," turned to "good luck" after the monk tamed it. Indeed, it reminds us of the eternal moral, that in order to be successful in life, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and be a little eccentric. This principle is very useful in business, specially in marketing and sales. Hence, some Chinese small business owners, specially restaurants, sometimes display an odd-looking idol of the old monk, who was eventually deified and is now called the Laughing Buddha.

Posted on Friday 01 of August, 2008 [10:43:14 UTC]

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Chapter 6: All for One and One for All

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Saturday 15 of December, 2007
The 25th of December is fast approaching and once again it is time to remember the true spirit of Christmas--Enlightenment. Two thousand years ago, in Ancient Rome, before Christmas evolved with its current name and form, the birthday of Sol Invictus (the Invincible Sun) on December 25 celebrated the symbolic ascension of veritas (truth) over the horizon, signifying illumination or enlightenment.

ImageAnd what better way to be enlightened once again than to visit your local planetarium this season for the annual Star of Bethlehem show. This year, I visited a planetarium in the Philippines where the triple conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn in 7 BCE (in the constellation Pisces) still reigns as the winning theory for the Christmas Star, described in Matthew's canonized account of the life of Yoshua the Nazarene. It was the "Wandering Star" (as planets were called in those days) that guided magi from the East to the child, prophesied by the Iranian schizophrenic guru Zoroaster to be the Messiah, who will usher in the mystical Age of Pisces, lasting for 2,000 years, at the astronomical phenomenon called the Precession of the Equinoxes.

As Zoroaster said centuries before the Christ was born, "You, my children, shall be the first honored by the manifestation of that divine person who is to appear in the world. A star shall go before you to conduct you to the place of his nativity, and when you shall find him, present to him your oblations and sacrifices, for he is indeed your Lord and an everlasting king."

Predating the Western Bible, this ancient Iranian (Persian) sacred text guided a group of wise men (magi), who some believe to be three (Western tradition) and others believe to be 12 (Eastern)--organized into four subdivisions of trinities, much like the astrological zodiac signs today, originating from Ancient Iraq (Babylon), which are divided into Earth, Fire, Air and Water signs.

Early Church tradition claims that the magi traveled from Iraq, Pakistan-India and Iran--George Bush's "Axis of Evil." And magi is a term used for ancient Iranian astronomer-astrologer priests who practice Zoroastrianism. (Today, most magi no longer live in Islamic Iran, but flourish in the vicinity of Mumbai, India).

It is more likely though that they were 12, as Eastern tradition believes, since multiple sightings of sets of three magi, were witnessed in the past. For instance, Helena, mother of Roman emperor Constantine, is said to have captured the bone relics of one set of magi, which is now housed in Earthly Cologne, Germany. Another set of three magi was witnessed by the Venetian businessman-explorer Marco Polo near Tehran, Iran. He claims in his book that he saw their tombs in Fiery Savah. Moreover, Thomas the Apostle is also said to have Water baptized three magi on his way to India. (The last set seems to have vanished into thin Air like magic.) With numerous magi sightings, the likelihood of four groups of trinities is more believable than the Western tradition with only 1 set of three magi.

Today, these magi can be compared to Tibetan lamas searching for a new child Dalai Lama, or in George Lucas' Star Wars, Jedi searching for the boy prophesied to bring balance to the Force.

The set of bone relics housed in Cologne has skull sutures that indicate the age of the alleged magi. One is young, the other middle-aged and the last is old. Tradition also says that they come from the three "races." One is fair-complexioned, the second is brown and the third is dark-skinned.

This trinity clearly implies the Asian belief of the harmony of "good," "bad" and "neutral." In psychology, it is the Superego, the Id and the Ego, or in politics, the Left, Right and Center. Of course, the practice of the Middle Way attempts to balance all three to produce peace, harmony and health.

And the astronomical events that occurred in 7 BCE seem perfect for this trinity philosophy. In 1603, the German astronomer Johannes Kepler, who restated the planetary laws of motion, calculated a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7 BCE. And he theorized that it may have been a nova, together with this conjunction, that was the Star of Bethlehem. But no records of a nova occurred during that time. Chinese and Korean astronomers observed a nova in 4 and 5 BCE, but not in 7 BCE. Asian astronomy was far superior to Western astronomy at that time, and its reliability can be counted on, much like a Toyota.

ImageHowever, the onset of the conjunction of the two planets, which occurred three times in 7 BCE (May, September-October and December) actually started as a heliacal rising in March, 7 BCE. And for astrologers, this is significant since a heliacal rising, where Jupiter and Saturn rises almost simultaneously with the Sun, indicates BIRTH. The predicted birth of Christ would occur on this date, consequently. (Even in museums today, Ancient Iraqi clay tablets dating to that era point to the significance of planetary heliacal risings.)

Yoshua then would be a Pisces, just like me. (My birthday is on March 7, the same day when Emperor Constantine declared in 321 CE, that the "venerable day of the Sun" or Sunday was the official rest day of Europe and the Empire.) And thus, Yoshua fits into the schizophrenic window of birth with the schizophrenic sign of Pisces (like Albert Einstein).

Pisces is indeed a dualistic sign that fits Yoshua the Nazarene. In fact, the non-canonized Infancy Gospels describe him as a naughty child who kills other children, such as in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. Even the Qur'an (5:110) describes his childish behavior. And the canonized gospels describe him as a decapitating sadist adult (Matthew 5:29-30), who teaches his secret fraternity pacified ritualistic cannibalism, which Christians call "Holy Communion" (Mat 26:26-28), similar to the religious cannibalism practiced in Ancient Europe (Druidic Celts) and "Indo-Egyptian" Central America, whose leaders eat the "gods" because "their bodies (are) full of magic" (Pyramid Text Utterance 273-274). Unlike his counterparts--Buddha, Confucius and Lao Tzu, who lived to old age--Yoshua died prematurely because of his arrogance, fear and paranoia, much like the disabled Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars. If he did escape death, as the Muslims and non-canonized works suggest, he still would have lived a dark, underground life similar to a vengeful Darth Vader.

Apparently, the symbolic magi gifts--Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh--did not have much effect on him since he was not able to master the Middle Way and heal himself. Gold (Id) is the Body. Frankincense (Ego) is incense used by Zoroastrians to worship Mazda (Wisdom) and the Eye of Mazda (Sun). It is the Mind. Myrrh (Superego), embalming oil for the dead, is the Spirit. And the union of Body, Mind and Spirit, or the Left, Right and Center, through the Middle Way, was implied in the magi gifts. But apparently, Yoshua did not exactly get it.

ImageImageThe Sun, the symbol for Wisdom, Light and Truth, is also symbolized as the "All-Seeing Eye." In Ancient Egypt, it is the Eye of Ra (Sun). In Ancient Iran, it is the Eye of Mazda watching over the duality of Truth and Lie. In other parts of Asia, even until today, it is the Eye of Buddha (Enlightenment) or the Eye of the World and is a Buddhist symbol used together with the triratna or triple gem (which appears like the Thai Airways logo). The Eye of Buddha appears at the top of some Buddhist temples in South Asia, even today.

Interestingly, I saw a new Buddhist temple, with the All-Seeing Eye, in the mostly Roman Catholic Philippines, a few years ago. It's unsightly, of course, and is more common in South Asia.Image (I prefer East Asian Zen architecture, located in an urban greenbelt, which appears simple, rather than elaborate "psychedelic" South Asian art which seems to be a product of too much dopamine. That's why I don't blame Peter Jackson for associating the All-Seeing Eye with Sauron, Lord of the "One Ring to Rule them All." Although Vader, Sauron and Yoshua are related.)

But somehow, the Eye made it to the Great Seal of the United States. It was first suggested in 1776 as an element for the original Great Seal. Among the three members of the original design committee was Ben Franklin, a confirmed Freemason, who is undoubtedly familiar with the "Eye of Providence" philosophy. In 1782, the Eye was eventually adopted into the Great Seal, and in 1935, the 32-degree Scottish-Rite Mason, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, approved an inverted version of the Great Seal for the U.S. One Dollar bill.

So the next time that you look at a ONE dollar bill, always remember to think about the triratna or trinity. The three are One, as it says. A united mind, family, city, country and world is ideally All for One and One for All.

ImageIt is not easy to do though. Although Filipino "Freemasons"--the founding fathers of the Philippines, just like the United States and other countries--designed the "Golden Eye" or the "Illuminati Triangle" on the Philippine flag to heal the nation from European and American enslavement, it has not, expectedly, worked perfectly well. (Diorama 31 in the Philippines' Ayala museum shows the national hero being initiated into "Freemasonry" with the All-Seeing Eye in the background. The museum is owned by the freedom-loving Zobels--a Hispanic Filipino-German business dynasty with links to the Freemasons and to a German pharmacist, Dr. Johannes Andreas Zobel, who fled a revolutionary Europe for the Philippines after the Enlightenment era, possibly in response to what the revolutionists did to enlightened chemists such as Lavoisier, the "Father of Modern Chemistry" who named Oxygen and Hydrogen, and was later beheaded. Even so, the Diorama Experience clearly shows that the craft of Enlightened "Hobbits" is not as scary as one funny book portrays it to be. Westerners, who have been inspired by Asian philosophy, such as Hitler and Bush, have given it a pretty "bad" name. But I can't wait to see Tom Hanks "Gump" portrayed in the coming movie version. Columbia Tri-Star will most likely meet many challenges along the way and will need to pull out some magic from its sleeves. Its worldwide premiere in 2009 will coincide with the International Year of Astronomy, which celebrates the 400th anniversary of Galileo's rediscovery and improvement of the telescope, first used as ball lenses around 400 BCE in China and India.)

ImageImageHowever, on the lighter side, Filipino world billiards champion Efren "Bata" Reyes surprised the world for the past several years by defeating the top 8-ball and 9-ball world champs and claimed record-breaking prize money for his wins. The Americans call him "The Magician" (a word derived from magi) because of his incredible skill in precisely calculating instinctively, Newtonian physical laws, alongside Euclidean geometry and trigonometry, while precisely adjusting his nervous system to implement his thoughts with a carefully handled stick.

Malay Filipinos are indeed amazing. They can adjust and be happy in various environments. They can sleep on a bed of roses, a bed of garbage, or a plain-vanilla bed, in relative comfort.

ImageAn American would probably kill someone (in thought if not in action) if that happened to him. In fact, the world often thinks (if not explicitly then subliminally) of the United States as Christian Bale's American Psycho, obsessed with great wealth--the "American Dream." He parties hard when he has it, then starts killing people when it dies out. Likewise, the British are thought of as the Englishman, "Sir" Jack the Ripper, trying with all their might to cleanse the world of "filthy whores," much like fundamentalist Christians calling Iraq as the Biblical Babylon, "Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the World" (Rev 17:5) And of course, Europe would be non-other than the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lecter, M.D. They believe that the world needs to be "fixed," and they are the anointed "brilliant geniuses" to "fix" it. Altogether, these three amigos would be called "The Alliance for the Greater Good," naturally standing up against the "Axis of Evil."

What a riot! Thank God that I'm living here in Southeast Asia, where I can feel the gentle stubbornness of the wealthy Singaporeans, Taiwanese, Hong-Kong Chinese and Macau Venetian-casino gamblers; where I can sense the moderation of lay Buddhists; the aloof warmth of Filipina nurses; the terrific justice of Muslim Malays; and the relative South East Asian calmness, despite the sardine-like crowds, the peaceful anarchy and the beautiful troubled environment.

Not exactly a pretty sight. But it is the lesser of evils...

In any case, as the magi of Old would say today: The Axis of Evil wishes One and All, Merry Christmas! Peace and goodwill toward all sentient beings!

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon! Mabuhay!


"The United States is evil. There's this axis of evil. What about the allies of evil - the United States, England, Japan, Australia? These are the evildoers."
-- Bobby Fischer (2004 press conference, Iceland), First & (currently) Only American Chess Grandmaster World Champion, who renounced his American citizenship in favor of Iceland

"Fuck the United States. Cry, you crybabies! Whine, you bastards! Now your time is coming! The US is getting what is coming to it. This is just the beginning."
-- Bobby Fischer (Bombo Radyo, Philippines September 11, 2001),First & (currently) Only American Chess Grandmaster World Champion, who renounced his American citizenship in favor of Iceland

"Church members shouldn't let themselves be confused. They begin not trusting in their own judgment, and then they're finished. That's a terrible, terrible thing. First, they get conducted in with a nice sweet program, no money, everything free, free, free. And then they get sucked in, and suddenly a few lies get mixed in. They are told that their human nature is wicked and these nice people who gave them all these things wouldn't be lying to them, would they? And then I think once you start distrusting your own mind you're finished. From there you just get more and more confused. Once you think that your own mind is not your friend any more-your own conscience and your own mind is not your friend-then I think you are on your way to insanity. You have been stripped bare. All your defenses are gone."
-- Bobby Fischer, First & (currently) Only American Chess Grandmaster World Champion, who renounced his American citizenship in favor of Iceland

Chapter 2: Special Versus General Convergence Theory: In my last two books, I discussed the special case of the Middle Way as applied to an individual's mind. The Buddha, as a doctor and scientist, created a hypothesis (the Four Noble Truths), performed experiments to prove or disprove its validity, and formulated a conclusion. He urges people to test its accuracy, modify it to improve it, or throw it out if it is false. With this guidance, I tried to generalize his theory. For example, he cautions against compulsive desire (Fire) and aversion (Metal)--the two top trouble makers that cause mental aguish. In my gender-"race" theory, I generalized these two to the Whites and Brown Males. However, it is important to realize that given the right time and circumstance, these two elements can be beneficial, instead of being harmful. Like earth ecology, balanced elements need each other to stay healthy. Given time and space, it occurs naturally and automatically. But continuous imbalance causes ill health and even death. Living Water extinguishes the fire (nirvana), but every now and then, we need to rekindle the flame (bodhisatva).

Chapter 2: Freudian Psychoanalysis: The Jewish-Austrian physician, Sigmund Freud agrees with Buddha, whether he was aware of it or not. He believes in the two forces of compulsive desire and aversion as well, but he calls it Libido (also called Eros) and Todestrieb (Thanatos). He also realized the conflict between Libido and Todestrieb, and like Buddha, Freud emphasizes the role of Libido in human suffering.

"It is a mistake to believe that a science consists in nothing but conclusively proved propositions, and it is unjust to demand that it should. It is a demand only made by those who feel a craving for authority in some form and a need to replace the religious catechism by something else, even if it be a scientific one. Science in its catechism has but few apodictic precepts; it consists mainly of statements which it has developed to varying degrees of probability. The capacity to be content with these approximations to certainty and the ability to carry on constructive work despite the lack of final confirmation are actually a mark of the scientific habit of mind."
-- Sigmund Freud, Western Father of Psychoanalysis

Chapter 7: Jungian Analytic Psychology: Dr. Carl Jung called the gender minds Animus (four “male” types) and Anima (four “female” types), which are parts of everyone's unconscious or inner self. Various degrees or combinations of male and female produce the other genders. In the macro self, it can be translated into gender-breed mixtures and systems. The Italians, for instance, are Arab-Whites. Thus, they are “gay-bi,” and Roman Catholicism is also a “gay-bi” religion. European paganism is “gay.” Native religions range from “lesbian to lesbian-female.” Aversive Islam is “bi.” Judaism is also “bi” to a lesser degree. But Hinduism is “bi-female.” Buddhism ranges from a lesser “bi-female” (Indian) to “female” (South East Asian), to a touch of “male” (East Asian). The Brown Male cannot be completely detached from the Brown Female. They go together. Consequently, when the Brown Male does not yield to the Brown Female, it can become “dirty” or aversive. Taoism and Confucianism, as it is used in science and politics are “male” or near “male.” These are, of course, approximations.

As I illustrated in my third book, Sync My World: A SEA & Nautical Map to Relative Peace, the genders follow an approximate hierarchy, as also restated by Abraham Maslow, according to their degree of volatility or their potential for creating trouble. Thus, the “bisexuals” are theoretically at the bottom, followed by the “gays,” “lesbians,” “females,” and “males.” However, since the bis cannot be truly separated from the female, they usually move up and combine with the other levels.

If people were allowed to choose their religion freely given all the options with full knowledge, they would definitely not choose the same religion. They would form a bell curve similar to that of gender-"race" demographics. However, because of parental or societal pressure, lack of information, or military force, people usually follow what they do not really prefer. Thus, inner conflict and degraded performance or lifestyles result from it.

Volatility is also influential. Thus, even if “gays” and “bis” are a minority, they potentially can create a huge base “pyramid” due to “marketing,” social networking or imperialism. The actual “pyramid” would tend to form a sexy hourglass shape, in varying degrees, like sections of the female body, instead of being a totally triangular base pyramid. For example, in the 2004 Philippine Presidential elections, just by chance, five candidates, whether they were aware of it or not, represented the five elements approximately. The official election results did not form an upright triangle. Instead it formed an “hourglass” similar to the section of a woman's feet, legs, hips and waistline:

06.45% Roco Scholars "Males" (Air or Wood) (Too much intelligence or complexity leads to ignorance.)
06.16% “Brother Eddie”   Shamans "Females" (Water) (Too much spirituality or love leads to terrorism.)
39.99% GMA Ubuntu Business Class   "Lesbians" (Earth) (Giving too much leads to poverty.)
10.88% Lacson Militants "Gays" (Fire) (Too many desires lead to militancy.)
36.51%   FPJ Working Class "Bisexuals"   (Metal or Space Ether)   (Too much terrorism loops to heroism, spirituality or creativity.)

Different regions and people would of course create different shapes depending also on time and circumstance. In Singapore, for instance, the nerdy scholars are on top, so they would form an inverted pyramid like a woman's head or upper torso. Naturally, in countries where “bis” are most influential, such as in military dictatorships, they would form a traditional base pyramid, like women's feet. The entire "ideal" female figure is illustrated in my first book, Little Voices: A True Paranoid Schizophrenic Adventure.

Furthermore, in my third book, the introduction to Sync My World, I described how disproportionate levels in the five elements lead to ill health. For example, my own three ids, or three stooges, should actually be my three egos, and my superego should be my id. Adaptation due to disproportion leads to role switching and poor well-being. Thus, the natural tendency of the predisposed Self will be to rebuild the ego structure while maintaining flexibility, like grass blades that stretch and survive hurricane winds, unlike rigid trees that are soon uprooted.

ImageSome people though are uncomfortable with the pyramid ego structure. They fear the ego, just as they fear a new world order. The Pentacle of Kung Fu Tzu (Wu Xing) or the five-pointed star seems to be more popular. The five-pointed star is a common political symbol and is used in many national flags. Rarely is the triangle used. Depending on the country's perspective, the stars can be all equal, such as the case with the U.S. flag, or one star can outshine the others, as depicted in the mainland Chinese flag. If the star were drawn with a pentagon center, the star would become an "ambigram," having no top or bottom, unless it is tilted "improperly" to resemble a goat's head. It could be rotated in different directions to produce the same shape, and without the Wu Xing labels, anyone can be a "star" as it rotates. Consequently, the five-pointed star, without labels, is a favored illuminati symbol. Most people are unaware of this, but as time passes, people will gradually absorb it.

People naturally move toward their gender preference unless disturbed. A salesman, an ad, or the viral influence of others, for instance, can “hypnotize” or even force you to buy or adopt things that you do not really want. This is also evident in political systems. Singapore, for example, established a “male authoritarian” ego structure for their government, and they were able to accomplish the unprecedented feat of transforming the country from a third-world nation to a first-world city-state in just three decades. This threatens countries like the United States with “GLB democracies” because they fear that others will follow the “male authoritarian's” success and undermine “GLB democracy.” It is paranoid though because the fear is without warrant. The “girls” just like other genders are not dumb. They know intuitively that a true “male authoritarian” system can only be established by the Yellows because if the Lesser Brown Male within the Brown Female attempts it, a corrupt “bi-female authoritarian” system results, which is somewhat comparable to the success of the male form of Buddhism for the Yellows, but not for the Brown Males. Ideally, the Lesser Brown Male would yield to the Brown Female and establish a “female democracy,” but the Lesser Brown Male often does not yield and disturbs the peace. This is not necessarily a negative situation because they accept it as being part of a woman's mind and life. However, if “female democracies” were established, they would attempt to create partnerships with “male authoritarian” countries to balance themselves. This is somewhat the case for ASEAN+3. The once, “bi-male” China, established by the Red Guard after it was disturbed by the “gays” is now also moving toward its more natural “male authoritarian” self, run by intellectuals, until it is disturbed again.

This is the politics of the gender minds, the genders, the gender breeds, the classes, organizations, political parties, cities, states, provinces, countries and international organizations or associations, symbolized by the Pentacle of Master Kung Fu, illustrating the approximate cooperative and disruptive relationships among the elements, as they beat up, bluff, sweet talk, coerce, play and love each other. It is indeed an all-encompassing symbol.

Hearing the voices of these elements is one big headache. As a result, the Middle Way solution of the republic was invented. Republics acknowledge and attempt to understand the strange multi-colored voices of the people through representation, elections and the formulation of policies that theoretically would harmonize the conflicting interests of the various sectors of society.

A republic is somewhere between anarchism, where people are allowed complete freedom, and an autocracy where people are controlled like slaves. I remember a time when I was in Singapore's Palawan beach. There was a short queue at the shower room, and I stood in the line. I then realized that I left something at the beach shore, so I left the queue without informing the person behind me because the queue was short anyway. When I came back, I was somewhat surprised that the Chinese man who originally stood behind me waited for me to return because he said that it was my turn to use the shower room. Of course, I had hoped that he would have gone ahead of me, but he did not, and he was not disgruntled about it. This is an example of anarchy, where people attempt to set order honestly without the need for mediators or complex written laws.

Unfortunately, it is only applicable to naturally disciplined people. If you apply it for example in regions where the Brown Male lives, where hormones and neurotransmitters fly unpredictably, anarchy would lead to chaos and violence. For instance, once the Brown Male sits behind the wheel of his car, he activates his right brain and transforms from Space Ether to Metal, like a goofy Dr. Jekyll morphing into Mr. Hyde. Consequently, he may unwittingly run over pedestrians, violate traffic laws, shoot other motorists, and if he is having a bad day, he may even shoot policemen. Thus, Brown Males may require hundreds of commandments and “bi-laws.” Their women might even need to cover themselves up like lady “ninjas” to protect them from their compulsive urges. Indeed, one man's system is not necessarily applicable to another.

Hence, a middle-way system was invented to harmonize the different requirements of the Elements. The first recorded republics in the world were formed in ancient India around 600 BCE. Necessity is the mother of invention. Therefore, solutions are usually found in the most problematic regions. Historical Buddhist texts such as the Anguttara Nikaya mention 16 great countries (mahajanapadas) and republics (solas mahajanapadas). In fact, Magadha, the country where Gautama (a bodhisatva who turned into a buddha) experienced enlightenment through the teachings of ancient bodhisatvas, has republican communities called rajakumara. Vaishali, a major Buddhist pilgrimage center today, is another example where an ancient republican government was formed.

Republicanism would later spread to the West and other parts of the world through traveling teachers. Plato, for example, just like Pythagoras, would come back to the West, after traveling to the East, to establish a school to teach Asian ideas to Westerners. Europe though went through a “theocracy” for centuries under the Vatican during the Dark Ages.

However, during Europe's Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment, republican ideas blossomed again and inspired the birth of modern republics with its various gender forms, including the United (psychotic) States of America, the People's (recovering) Republic of China, the (impermanent platonic) Republic of Singapore and the (drugged) Republic of the Philippines. Most of the citizens of these nations and other republics around the world, are unaware of their own history or how it all started through bodhisatvas or illuminati. But for those who are fortunate to know this, it is comforting to know why everything is animus and anima.

Addendum Block Posted on April 2009

Posted on Saturday 15 of December, 2007 [09:42:02 UTC]

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Chapter 2: Reviewing the Astrophysical Cause of the Five Elements

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Sunday 14 of October, 2007
A few meters away from the IMAX theater in the Philippines lies the Science Discovery Center for kids. I was amused, yesterday, to see a temporary exhibit of the Shroud of Turin, housed in a make-shift outfit next to the science center. And what made it interesting was the sight of a funnel-shaped three-dimensional model of gravity, contained in a coin-activated “jukebox,” standing in between, and in front of, the science center and the shroud exhibit.

ImageKids flocked around the gravity machine while the Turin ticket booth remained idle. They would insert two coins through two slots at the left and right top edges, at opposite ends on the mouth of the funnel. And once released, the coins would roll in circular orbits, like planets orbiting a black hole. Eventually, of course, the coins meet at the center, swallowed by the hole.

This gravity simulator is an imperfect analogy of how gravity works, but it’s a good start. Albert Einstein described gravity as the effect of the curvature caused by matter or energy on four-dimensional spacetime. It captures the skeleton or framework of God, and it is Einstein’s God. It has also been Asia’s God for thousands of years. The Chinese call it the Tao. It is the Virtuous Force in Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, written more than 2,500 years ago, that teaches one the relativity of all things and the polar opposites of all things. It instructs one to glide with the natural flow of this “Way” to avoid difficulties in life.

Tao is the Chinese word for the “Way” since the forces of nature (Gravity, the Electroweak Force and the Strong Force), teaches the “Way.” But in the Filipino language, Tao means “humanity.” And in this essence, it is also Einstein’s God in the form of Humanism. It helps us to understand that people are children of the Sun. They are products of the forces of nature through both determinism and probability, so for people who are guided by the Tao, it is more natural to be more compassionate and tolerant.

Westerners have a hard time understanding Einstein’s belief in God since he despises the atheists for their disbelief and yet he also criticizes cardinals and rabbis for promoting a kindergarten-like idea of a Father-like God, with a beard, a staff, and a white robe. But for Asians familiar with Taoism, Buddhism and the Middle Way, Einstein’s God is all too well-known. It is a pity though that Einstein did not learn about this God much sooner, since it could have saved his son Eduard from being institutionalized in Zurich for schizophrenia.

It was like space and time divided. In 1905, Einstein, the German non-conformist, published a paper that is now called the Special Theory of Relativity. And in it, he explains that Time and Space are not absolute values. In other words, if one observer says that a ruler is 12 inches long, it may be only valid from that person’s perspective. Someone else, for example, traveling in a spacecraft moving near the speed of light, will measure the ruler differently. He may say, for instance, that it is only 11 inches long.

Any spatial frame of reference has equal standing. You cannot say that your frame is more correct than another’s frame. Einstein also adds that Time is also relative. In other words, if a chicken takes one minute to cross the road from one observer’s frame of reference, the time may be different from another frame, such as a moving plane, for example. It will be shorter, but both measurements, again, are equally valid.

As strange as it may seem, modern physicists have confirmed the validity of Einstein’s theory through experiments like Atomic clocks moving in different frames of reference, particle decay in the atmosphere, and particle accelerators where sub-atomic particles are collided with each other to subdivide it further. From the perspective of a particle accelerating in a super collider that is miles long in circumference, the collider infrastructure might be only a few feet long.

It is only when time and three-dimensional space are combined to form a four-dimensional spacetime continuum that multiple observers can agree on “absolute” measurements. In other words, space by itself or time by itself is relative. Only its union as spacetime is “absolute.”

ImageEinstein then continued his thesis in 1915 and published the General Theory of Relativity. One of the statements of this theory claims that gravity is not really a force, as Newton thought. Gravity is the effect of the curvature or “dent” created by matter or energy (being equivalent, e= mc2) through four-dimensional spacetime. Gravity would then be like the funnel-shaped or V-shaped coin-orbiter that I saw displayed in front of the Shroud of Turin exhibit. The coins orbit around the curvature not because of a “force” but because of the curvature. It is an imperfect analogy, but as Lao Tzu says, “if the Tao can be explained through words, then it is not the Tao.”

Einstein was able to formulate his thesis because he believed that the tidal forces—the subtle gravitational “pull” of the sun and the moon which causes the tides—is more significant than Newton thought. (Galileo also discussed planetary tidal forces in his smuggled book, Discorsi, although he did not believe that ocean tides were caused by the sun and moon's gravity, unlike the astrologer Johannes Kepler. Scientists now believe that Kepler is right. The astrologer won in that round. Knowledge gathered and copied from Asia through traders proved useful.)

Variations in the tidal forces along with its effects on the earth's magnetosphere, are in fact so significant that as my theory states, it is the cause of humanity’s disagreements with each other—the "imperfect circle" or "elliptical" journey or better known as Buddha's life description, dukkha, an irregular potter's wheel, from the micro frame of the mind to the macro frame of the world. (Tidal forces are also theorized to be a factor that causes earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and consequently, tsunamis.)

Disagreements, for example, in how to interpret the Shroud of Turin abound. Some believe it to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ displaying his physical impression, like a photographic negative of his face and body “radiated” into the cloth. But carbon dating dates it back to the Middle Ages and some theorize that it was Leonardo da Vinci who created it. (Although the traveling exhibit showed photographs and a scientist claiming that the carbon-dated sample cut from the shroud was a patch used to mend the damaged shroud after it was partly burned in a fire during the Middle Ages).

Regardless though of who or what created it, whether Leonardo or an anonymous creative schizophrenic in the Dark Ages or the organic impression of a schizophrenic cadaver 2,000 years ago, one thing is clear. A V-shaped or toilet-bowl-shaped God is just not marketable to all sectors, just as Chinese art, color palettes and design is unaesthetic and unappealing to many sectors of society.

Moreover, a simple “magical” cloth with no foundation or meaning cannot stand alone. Although the Shroud artist highlighted the V-shaped features of the human form, through the bearded face, the torso, the legs, arms and so forth, its meaning is hidden from most people.

Most people need to see, feel and touch a more personable God, whose unconditional attraction to everyone is mysteriously felt, not mechanically known. So imagine the Tao or the Logos as the skeleton of God and the art of the Shroud as his skin. It would be the “Word made flesh.” Imagine his hair waving in front of a cheering and screaming crowd, like the young girls in a Click-5 live outdoor concert that I passed by last night, as the pop band, whose first time in Manila, produces Filipina euphoria. Then imagine him singing, “I AM the First and the Last! I AM Alpha and Omega! I AM the bearer of peace! And yet I have not come to bring peace because I AM the bearer of a sword!” He would be just as hard to understand as Click 5’s “Jenny,” who says she won't then says she will.

Wow! That God has personality! That’s God all pimped up the way the Gnostic John imagined him to be. God would then be alive, and the two becomes one, no longer just a coin-orbiter or an image embossed on a shroud independent of each other…but fused into one.

That’s God. And that’s the Tao.

"There it was that I found and visited the famous Galileo, grown old a prisoner to the Inquisition, for thinking in astronomy otherwise than the Franciscan and Dominican licensers thought."

John Milton (English poet in Areopagitica, his defense of freedom of speech, after visiting his friend in Florence, Italy)

“For a parallel to the lesson of atomic theory…(we should study) those kinds of epistemological problems with which already thinkers like the Buddha and Lao Tzu have been confronted, when trying to harmonize our position as spectators and actors in the great drama of existence.”

--Niels Bohr (Danish physicist and Nobel-prize recipient, acclaimed for contributions in Atomic theory and Quantum Mechanics)

“The great scientific contribution in theoretical physics that has come from Japan since the last war may be an indication of a certain relationship between philosophical ideas in the tradition of the Far East and the philosophical substance of quantum theory.”

--Werner Heisenberg (German physicist and Nobel-prize recipient, acclaimed for co-founding Quantum Theory and the Uncertainty Principle)

“The general notions about human understanding… which are illustrated by discoveries in atomic physics are not in the nature of things wholly unfamiliar, wholly unheard of or new. Even in our own culture they have a history, and in Buddhist and Hindu thought a more considerable and central place. What we shall find is an exemplification, an encouragement, and a refinement of old wisdom.”

Julius Robert Oppenheimer (American physicist, "Father of the Atomic Bomb" and Director of the Manhattan Project, the WWII effort to develop the First Nuclear Weapons that were later dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan)

"The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal god and avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual and a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description. If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism."

--Albert Einstein (German Physicist and Nobel-prize recipient, acclaimed as the Greatest Scientist of the 20th Century)

Classroom Terror: Dwarf Children Assault Professor Cyclops

I recently purchased Stephen Hawking's On the Shoulders of Giants (2004) and was quite disappointed with Hawking, a Lucasian professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge, a position once held by Sir Isaac Newton. Upon reading the very first page after the table of contents, I immediately noticed a glaring error at the center of the page. It said, “We have selected Book Five of the five-book Harmonies of the World by Johannes Kepler. Kepler completed the work on May 27, 1816, publishing it under the title, Harmonices Mundi.” It caught my attention since Kepler the astrologer seems to have risen from the dead, after dying in 1630, to complete his work in 1816.

Then Hawking writes in the Introduction:

“ `If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,' wrote Isaac Newton in a letter to Robert Hooke in 1676. Although Newton was referring to his discoveries in optics rather than his more important work on gravity and the laws of motion, it is an apt comment on how science, and indeed the whole of civilization, is a series of incremental advances, each building on what went before.”

Newton, an antisocial teacher, actually used that quotation from Bernard of Chartres to insult Hooke, his physically-deformed “dwarf” rival and bitter enemy, mocked by some and avoided by others. Furthermore, being a clinically-insane scientist, Newton almost blinded himself by using a knife to observe the rear of his eyeball. It is only by sheer luck that he did not end up as a cyclops.

Hawking also did not mention the significant contributions of the Brown Male who basically started it all. It was by trying to solve their terrific problems that the Brown Male needed to invent many of the tools used in today's classrooms, including mathematics, geometry, astronomy and the alphabetic writing system. However, Hawking jumps immediately to “European” gayified works, starting from Copernicus, believed by Hawking to have made a giant leap. (Many coastal Europeans, specially the dark-haired ones, including Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Britons and French are part Hindu-Arab or Mongol due to conquests, piracy and slave trade.)

Hawking ignored the Indian astronomer, Aryabhata (476–550 CE), whose heliocentric work, Aryabhatiya, was translated into Latin and was available for Europeans to read and copy from. Indian and Arab astronomers such as Brahmagupta (598–668 CE), Varāhamihira (505–587 CE), Bhāskara II, Abu Rayhan Biruni and al-Sijzi had similar ideas. In fact, al-Sijzi invented an astrolabe (Zuraqi) based on heliocentrism. The computations for a round, revolving Earth, moving around the Sun was not new to Copernicus. Even the works of Copernicus acknowledged the Middle-Eastern tools of Ibn al-Shatir, Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, Mo'ayyeduddin Urdi, Arzachel, Averroes and Albategni. Definitely not a giant leap for Copernicus, but more of a beauty-parlor skill.

If the beginning of Hawking's book is already unreliable, like some Wikipedia articles which use unreliable sources such as Hawking, then how much more for the rest of the book? Dwarf schoolchildren would intuitively think the same way, and would tell themselves that they are better off with comic books, believing erroneously that people like Hawking are “disabled idiots.” This is why many Western kids are very distrustful and sometimes violent toward their teachers. The gender minds within these honest children are obviously telling them that what is being taught to them intuitively does not make sense, and if the likes of Hawking relied instead on dwarfs, they would be able to see their errors clearly.

If, for example, students were taught that Al-Khwārizmī developed Al-jabr (Algebra) to teach Islamic justice and balance, maybe they would not see it as a “useless” subject. They would be able to understand why Iran, for instance, could not halt their nuclear program because in a balanced algebraic equation, if you want to subtract an element from one side, you have to subtract the same element from the other side. An eye for an eye. A variable for a variable. The United States or any other Western power are definitely not disarming themselves, so why should they? Pythagoras would have explained it in the same way just as he explained the Brown Male's sacred geometry to the West.

Fortunately, there are a few, more balanced scientists who can see the light. Dr. Percy Seymour, a Briton holding a doctorate in astrophysics and astronomy, infuriated his peers a few years ago by publishing The Scientific Proof of Astrology in 2004. He is a member of the Royal Astronomical Society, known to attack astrology as a pseudo-science. Just like Galileo and Einstein, who were crucified by the “authorities,” Seymour's fellow astronomers, physicists, and peers from the “scientific” community ridiculed Seymour for even considering that astrology has a scientific basis. But after spending more than three decades studying electro-magnetic fields, he definitely could not be entirely wrong.

In my third book, the introduction to Sync My World, I explained a possible cause for the spectrum of the five elements—the gender minds, genders, gender breeds, classes and so forth. You could theoretically subdivide these basic elements infinitely, but for simplicity's sake, dividing the four primordial elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) into three parts each, would suffice for general approximations. This led the Ancient Iraqis to the twelve zodiac signs.

Mutable "Good" Cardinal Fixed "Bad" Voice Oscillation Potential
Air or Wood ("male")   Gemini Libra Aquarius Ulol sane <--> crazy
Water ("female") Pisces Cancer Scorpio fragment   Oobola honest <--> dishonest
Earth ("lesbian") Virgo Capricorn   Taurus Inoe agreeable <--> disagreeable
Fire ("gay") Sagittarius fragment   Aries Leo Feelsoree   compassionate <--> cruel
Space Ether & Metal ("bi"): Ophiuchus ("13th" sign) as Egyptian Dr. Imhotep (Aesclepius) when nearer to Scorpio ("bi-female" combo) and Serpentarius when nearer to Sagittarius (deadly "gay-bi" combo) (The superstitious unluckiness of the number 13 originates from this Dr. Jekyll-Hyde sign and is often unused, but it is simply like the fifth element which adds details to the complex recursive female spectrum ("bi" within "female") or the "manly look" ("bi" within "gay"). These are, of course, dynamic gender-mind levels, not the actual genders, which are part of another cycle (old-young yin-yang), nor the gender-breeds or "races" (26,000-year precession cycle). Thirteen is also not really unlucky, just as women are not unlucky since all people have oscillations, but it is more convenient to use only 12 signs to make a long mind-bending story short.)

Their “female” intuition led the Browns to infer that there are certain birth periods that correspond to the predisposed ailments and personalities of the elements, which may or may not develop depending on time and circumstance. Thus, they charted, divided and searched the heavens for the invisible forces that were responsible for this phenomenon. The Yellows would later develop the idea of Yin-Yang, the Pentacle and the Five Elements from the Browns. This led them to the concept of the “Virtuous Force” or the Tao. Galileo would eventually study the force of gravity in more detail, continuing the work of Brahmagupta who proposed a law of gravity in the 7th century. Kepler would argue that the tidal forces from the moon caused Earth's ocean tides. He would also reconfirm Aryabhata's computations that planetary orbits are not perfectly circular but elliptic. Newton would then formulate a simple equation for gravity that was corrected by Einstein, who showed that space and time are curved like a rubber sheet. The Earth then moves unevenly along the integrated gravitational fields of other heavenly bodies.

Other invisible forces were also considered by the Ancient Yellows. They invented the compass for navigation and Feng Shui. They knew that Earth was like a giant magnet and that it was also responsible for the polarity spectrum of Yin and Yang. This eventually led people like Oersted, Maxwell and Faraday, another schizophrenic, to study and unify previous theories about magnetism and electricity. They discovered that magnetism can lead to electricity and vice-versa.

Various frequencies of electro-magnetic radiation, such as radio waves, microwaves and X-rays would later be discovered. Radiation that would caution today's pregnant women. These phenomena would also be discovered in Outer Space, the Earth being enveloped by the magnetosphere and constantly bombarded by electromagnetic radiation.

Furthermore, the study of human neurology led people to know that the nervous system is an electromagnetic field. The Yellows call it Qi, and the Browns call it Aura. You cannot move your fingers, if electricity is not transmitted from you brain to your muscles. Now, scientists also study the phenomenon of human brain waves.

Magnetism also guides creatures including magnetotactic bacteria, honey bees, mudsnails, turtles, dolphins, whales and homing pigeons (magnetoreception). Some animals like sharks are skilled in detecting the electric fields of other creatures like fish (electroreception), and still others can even generate electric shocks (electrogenesis) like electric eels or torpedo rays. For humans though, females or Browns maybe more sensitive to the electromagnetic fields of other people, specially the spinal antennas of the unborn that they carry in their womb.

Ancient Yellows and Browns hypothesized on the relevance of balanced human electro-magnetic fields for good health and relationships. They experimented on “rewiring” the field's circuitry through needles (acupuncture) finger pressure (shiatsu, reflexology, touch therapy, massage), magnets (The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, c. 2,600 BCE and the Vedas, c. 1,500 BCE) or mind and breath exercises (Yoga, Qigong). Modern doctors have even laboratory-tested the skills of Tibetan monks who can convert cold water, absorbed by blankets wrapped around them, into steam by increasing their body temperature through trained mind and breathing techniques.

The Ancients also intuitively studied microscopic elements which could not be seen, such as electro-magnetic waves or particles and quantum-level chemicals in your brain, responsible for your moods, desires and aversions. The study of tiny, “invisible” elements led to the formulation of Quantum Theory. Neils Bohr and Heisenberg acknowledged the importance of Lao Tzu and Taoism in understanding the uncertain or chance nature of very tiny elements. This led Einstein to link or unify Quantum Theory with his new gravitational theory, a link that would allow a better understanding of how forces like gravity and electro-magnetism affect quantum-level brain processes and overall human health. But he was unsuccessful. He reached a dead end.

Modern scientists also hypothesize a relation between gravity, the Electro-weak force and the Strong force, which unifies these forces into a single force, which you may call as “The Force” or the Tao. Space scientists have also realized the importance of gravity and the earth's magnetic field in maintaining human health. Astronauts, for example, will become unhealthy if they are always at free fall or are “weightless” in space. Plant and animal experiments in space also prove that they do not grow normally in a “weightless” environment. Modern spacecraft also needs to simulate the earth's magnetic field in order to prevent space sickness.

Today scientists, like the ones in CERN, continue to study the nature of very tiny particles by accelerating it in tunnels, colliding it with each other to split it into smaller particles and immediately recording what they observe when the particles are split. Some hope that the experiments in CERN will find a nearer link between Quantum theory and Einstein's gravitational theory, but even if CERN had the energy of our galaxy, they would be unsuccessful because the middle link is an asymptote. It can be approached but never truly met. A true Win-Win situation is never truly possible. In this case, the Center becomes God and will always remain a mystery.

With approximations and probability as your best bet for the future of astrology, scientists also have a point that some astrologers, specially the Western ones, who promise 100% accuracy or daily horoscopes, perfect compatibility charts and fantastic predictions, are misleading or even scamming people. These promises are simply not possible, just as meteorologists or weather reporters cannot be 100% accurate.

ImageNevertheless, it is still comforting to know that there are now astrophysicists like Dr. Seymour who see links between the gravitational and electromagnetic fields of heavenly bodies and the electromagnetic-fields of unborn fetuses. The tidal tugs of the heavenly bodies all work together like an orchestra and distort the Earth's magnetosphere, including the charged particles or plasma trapped in it. This is more apparent with the moon's and the Sun's tugs but is also done by the distant planets. He calls the amplification of distant planetary tidal forces as magneto tidal resonance, which also distorts the magnetic fields of other heavenly bodies such as the Sun. As Seymour says, “Jane Blizard's work for NASA showed evidence for heliocentric planetary conjunctions, oppositions, and certain 90° alignments giving rise to violent solar disturbances.” He compares all of these to musical harmony just like Kepler.

Indeed, it allows you to know yourself, to understand others and to know how you relate to them better. Maybe it could even allow you to assess your misery (dissonance) or contentment (consonance) in life by seeing if you are in the wrong job, relationship, place and so forth, which may explain why you are torn apart by your Inner Self. On the other hand, if you have the right compatibilities and chemistry, then it would help you nourish and maintain your musical harmony.

But it is important to note also that Buddhists do not advise clinging to the idea of an ideal, static and permanent Self configuration with rigid elements, like a mad scientist creating a new molecule. This road leads to discomfort, pain or even suffering. The same thing is true for comparative thinking. In other words, this is all a balancing skill that needs time and experience to develop. It will not come easily.

Consonance and dissonance also form a balanced equation. Yangs (Yellows and Whites) are more united than Yins (Browns and Blacks), who tend to be more fragmented. However, sometimes the ability of the Yins to not cling to a static Self enables them to become happier than the Yangs. Yellows tend to be the most obsessed with harmonious or consonant configurations, to the point where they appear to be aloof snobs, since they may reject theoretical non-compatible elements. This obsession may lead to unhappiness. On the other hand, Brown Females are electric-field feelers just as they are pheromone smellers and judge compatibility in a more practical way that may seem to mix the elements. Lastly, due to the volatility of the Brown Male in moving up and down the pyramid, Blacks may end up more dissonant than Browns. In the end, happiness and discontentment comes from both sides and is not exclusive to a single group:

Yang = Yin
Yang – Yin = 0 (subtract Yin from both sides, algebraic negative additive property)
0 = Yin - Yang (both Yin and Yang can be positive or negative)

The equation should also be true for the genders or other elements, and the net of all their polarities should cancel each other or zero out. In situations where they do not, such as in an all-male or all-female classroom setting, where polarities are somewhat similar, the “terroristic” effect may lead to increased creativity. But it may also lead to no productivity. On the other hand, if the polarities are ”balanced,” the peace may lead to high quality but minimal creativity, such as its use in Japanese assembly-plant Total Quality Management (TQM), the mind of Toyota. In other words, there is always a trade off. You cannot have it all, and the Ancients intuitively realized this through the horrible practice of human sacrifice.

In any case, it is the year 2009, supposedly, the International Year of Astronomy, but for most people it is a useless or even a worthless science and event. Maybe it would have been more practical to name it the International Year of Divinology. Truly, most people are interested in what is useful, not in extremely distant phenomena with no real relevance to people on Earth.

Addendum Block Posted on April 2009

Posted on Sunday 14 of October, 2007 [07:44:09 UTC]

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Chapter 4: The Land Up Over

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Sunday 12 of August, 2007
I just came back from the Lands Up Over – Australia and New Zealand. I don’t think Down Under would be appropriate terms for the home of the Aussies and Kiwis, since it is America now that is “Down Under.” Remember also that direction is purely relative from the perspective of the viewer.

The South Pole is “down” there or is “south” based on an arbitrary European perspective, just as negatively charged electrons are not really negative nor are positively charged protons really positive. The terms are just used to distinguish one from the other. This reminded me of the legal system that we use today as I traveled through Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Picton, Christchurch and Melbourne, in that order. Image

When I was a kid, I used to think that laws and morality were absolute truth. It turns out to be complete nonsense since laws are purely relative and it becomes temporarily “absolute” from the perspective of the sector or voice in power.

If the “shaman,” for instance, were in power, such as the case during the European Middle Ages, religious laws would be the moral and legal code. If the Fascists or Republicans were in the driver's seat, the code of capitalism would be the legal code. If the working class were in control, they would enforce the communist code. And if the nerds were in charge, they would create a geeky myopia state like Singapore.

So who is right and wrong? As it turns out, “right” and “wrong” are purely relative, just as “left” and “right” depends on where you are coming from. If two people face each other, their perspectives of left and right would be in completely opposite directions. I like the way Jack, my “Lord of the Rings” guide, put it, as he toured me around “Middle Earth” in Wellington, New Zealand, together with some friendly folks from the Australian Navy, Germany and the U.S. He asked me on which side of the road we drove on in the Philippines, and I said, “on the right side.” Naturally, he said that it was on “the wrong side,” since Kiwis and Aussies drive on the left side of the road.Image

I think a simpler way of explaining it is to think about the life of a cockroach. Many people would say that it is right to kill a cockroach if they see one. But if the cockroach had lawyers, they would say that it is morally wrong.

Being a penal colony in the past, Australia shares a similar plight. I visited some of the historic prisons and jails in Australia and New Zealand, including Sydney’s Hyde Park Barracks, the Old Melbourne Gaol, and I even stayed for two nights at the former Addington Jail (which is now a Cathedral-like hostel) in Christchurch, New Zealand.

It was interesting to note that while some Americans may trace their roots from immigrants in the Mayflower, Aussies may trace their ancestry from convicts imprisoned in Australia by the British Empire. The convicts built the early infrastructure of Australia and once they were released or pardoned, they rebuilt their lives in Australia. Today, we can see the results of their labor. It has now become a progressive first-world country and cosmopolitan tolerance is now the norm in cities such as Melbourne, whose Lord Mayor is an Asian Aussie named John So.

I found it also quite amusing that the Aussies had an interest in the physical exercise routine of a prison in Cebu, Philippines. I read an article in a Melbourne newspaper about the worldwide spectacle of Cebu prisoners dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the Village People’s “YMCA” in YouTube.

On the other hand, I found it disturbing that a 3-year-old was jailed in the Melbourne Gaol for simply being “disorderly.” Or that someone spent 7 years imprisoned in Sydney for stealing a handkerchief.

But what is most interesting is that today, people like George Bush can murder thousands and get away with it. JFK also ordered the assassination of Fidel Castro through the CIA, as now known through its declassified files, while people like Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos get the blame for assassinating Ninoy Aquino and impoverishing the Philippines—a crime perpetrated by the U.S. government, as unveiled now through hundreds of leaked World Bank documents. Undisputed evidence now also exists that the U.S. government through the CIA promotes research on behavior modification and mind-control on unwitting U.S. citizens and foreigners alike, including the mentally ill, such as the cases for Project Chatter, Bluebird (creation of multiple personalities), Artichoke (creation of amnesia and other vulnerable states) and the recently revealed Project MK-Ultra. This is clear proof that the law and morality are purely relative.Image

Truly, the Buddha is on target again. His First Noble Truth says that life is dukkha (uncomfortable, uneasy, annoying, imperfect, impermanent and unsatisfactory by default, like riding an ancient Chinese cart with an imperfect wheel, or using a slightly elliptical Indian potter's wheel). And that dukkha is caused by the existence of the infinite Matrix combinations of the Left ("male," aversion, communism, socialism, Democrats, liberalism, Science, Stalin, binary 1, etc.) and the Right ("female," desire, fascism, capitalism, Republicans, conservatism, Art, Hitler, binary 0, etc.) This is the Second Noble Truth, which shows the existence of imperfect cycles, like a multi-dimensional roller coaster. (Adding dimensions such as up, down, front, back, time, etc. makes the 1-dimensional model increasingly complex.) If you can extinguish the burning flames of Left and Right, you can relatively diminish dukkha (Third Noble Truth), like "minimizing" or "controlling" the wave amplitude of the cycles to extinguish the discomfort of "boom" and "bust." So to extinguish Left and Right, you must follow the Middle Way (Fourth Noble Truth).

It is not easy though. It takes constant practice to develop this skill. I imagine that it is like punting along the Avon River in New Zealand. I rode this gondola-like boat and watched Jason, my punter, skillfully pushing a long pole towards the riverbed in different directions, to navigate through the water, avoiding the ducks and the swans, while trying to make the ride as smooth and comfortable as possible.

One thing, though, is for sure, you can’t stay in the middle all the time, since it would be like your car locked in neutral gear perpetually. But you do have to go through the neutral gear every now and then. Also, most of the time, the steering wheel is centered; but sometimes, you need to steer it to the left or right.

Now, I no longer consider the absolutes of “good” and “evil” but I do recognize majority interests and the most significant voice, while considering other voices in society. It is no longer about “right’ and “wrong” anymore, but about interests, and if I learn to skillfully consider the interests of other voices as well as my own, I can free myself relatively from dukkha. Positions are now deemed to be beneficial or harmful in the near "absolute" sense when time, the fourth dimension, is added. Depending on time or circumstance will an action be skillfully and carefully judged as good or evil. Image

I think I may be getting better at it. I spent some time with my Filipino-Aussie friends, Maoi and Carlo, in Melbourne, and I thought that being with them was the Middle Way itself. It was so much fun! Filipinos may be as small as hobbits but they can sure carry heavy burdens. It’s hard to explain, but maybe one day, I can, as long as I do not obsess on the Third Ring and let it be.

So let it be.

Cheers mates!winkImage

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."
--Sir Edmund Hillary (New Zealand mountaineer who, along with Nepalese guide Tenzing Norgay became the first known climbers to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in 1953)

"We apologise for the laws and policies of successive Parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians (the Aborigines)...And for the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry...We, the Parliament of Australia, respectfully request that this apology be received in the spirit in which it is offered, as part of the healing of the nation."
--Kevin Rudd (Australian Prime Minister, Feb 12, 2008, officially apologizing to the Aborigines in behalf of the Australian people)

Capital Punishment: My gender-"race" astrophysical theory makes it easy to understand why different countries use their preferred security system, occasionally coerced or influenced by others. The Brown Female may prefer her prisoners to dance. Males like China would rather execute them expeditiously, while Gays like Europe lobby for their lives through spin. However, since Physics dictates that life and death are partners, to perpetuate life is futile. Death allows the Circle of Life to continue. This guarantees that while deviations may exist every now and then, capital punishment will always exist. This is a prediction that any seer can extrapolate with 100% certainty.

Military, Business, Political & Sports Strategy: Five-Element Theory is the basis for ancient military treatises such as Sun Tzu's Art of War (6th Century BCE) and Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings (c.1645). Even the United States Department of Defense headquarters (The Pentagon) is shaped with five rings and five sides, which signifies the American military's great respect for the Asian Five-Element Theory. It is required reading in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. Leaders ranging from Napoleon, Douglas McArthur and Chairman Mao to business executives, lawyers, sports coaches, infamous fraternities and political-campaign strategists swear by one or both of these books. Even the 5-man teams of sports like Basketball are modeled after the five elements. It is also used in graphic anime and role-playing adventure games.

ImageEven Hitler used the Hindu-Buddhist gravitational swirl (female swastika and male sauvastika respectively) as his party's official emblem, idolizing the "occult" beliefs of Buddhist countries like Tibet. The milkyway-like symbol shows a two-dimensional "skeleton" of gravity viewed from "above" (male) or "below" (female). It symbolizes the Tao, the laws of physics and God. Indeed, the astronomer Carl Sagan hypothesizes its origin to the visual image of a swirled comet approaching the earth and sun, as depicted in the ancient Chinese Book of Silk. With the advancement of physics in 20th-century Germany, the Nazis could not believe that the Asians had such advanced technology, and it aroused their interest in using the "dark side" or female perspective of the "Force" as a weapon and justification for their cause. However, Hitler's swastika is actually a 45-degree tilted version of the Hindu bi-female swastika, and is therefore a "gay-bi" version of it. (Gay-bis and male bisexuals are usually mistaken for men since some of their tendencies, such as vehemently hating homosexuals and loving guns, are erroneously thought of as male. But it is actually the result of deep sexual insecurity and can be usually seen among American Republicans since "bis" and "females" always go together, just like the Brown Male and Brown Female. For example, nobody believed those who thought of Senator Larry Craig as a homosexual since he was a "happily" married man until he was caught in the act of soliciting gay sex in St. Paul. On the other hand, sexually-secure Democrats are relatively more tolerant toward gays, unless they become abusive. All of this is hard to swallow for some people. In fact, when I watched Oliver Stone's Alexander the Gay-Bi in the Suria KLCC, next to the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, a few years ago, some "macho" Europeans walked out in the middle of the movie.)

The Nazis even sent a 5-man expedition team to Tibet in 1938 to ironically study their supposed Indian (Aryan) ancestry in Tibet. The term "Aryan" is derived from the Indian sanskrit word "arya" which means "noble" or "spiritual." This means that the 4 Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path can be translated as the 4 Aryan Truths and the Aryan Eightfold Path. It is seemingly ironic indeed that white supremacists today, like the Aryan Brotherhood, hail the "superiority" of the "Aryan Race," which is Indian. Although with my gender-race astrophysical theory, it is understandable that "gays" would admire, or even want to be, "females." Hence, considering the five elements, to prevent further abuse, the "little boy" (Tibet) is better off today under the custody of "men" (China) than under the abusive, propagandist, molesting influence of "faggots" (U.S & Europe). It is the lesser evil. It is clear then that while the theory can be used to promote peace, its reversal can create war. Of course, the knowledge of it facilitates self-defense.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the compassionate Buddha made numerous attempts to tame criminals in India with limited success. While most were not saved, some bandits and murderers turned their lives around. In fact, Buddha's most trusted aide and disciple, Ananda, was a wanted criminal-turned-saint, like Moses and St.Paul in Judaism, Islam and Christianity. However, due to its limited success rate, the practice of indiscriminate and total compassion toward others is a dangerous form of asceticism, far from the Middle, which is not practical. It's common sense.

Posted on Sunday 12 of August, 2007 [12:10:59 UTC]

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Chapter 8: Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Saturday 17 of February, 2007
Wow! It's the New Year here in Hong Kong, China and it is so crowded in the streets of Causeway Bay.

ImageBut I was really delighted a few days ago when I experienced the "Journey of Enlightenment" in Lantau Island near the HK International Airport. The trip starts with a skyrail cable ride across the mountains, and when you reach one of the peaks, the village looks as lovely as the heavenly Shangri-La.

ImageIt looks like a "Buddha Theme Park" since it has theaters similar to Disneyland in structure, but instead of learning about Mickey Mouse, you learn the life and lessons of the Buddha. It was really funny to see how marketing and business was presented in the shows as being harmonious to Buddhist ways since business is the life of Hong Kong. I thought the ending of the Monkey theater where they said that it is better to give than to receive was really funny, since the souvenir shops were lined up outside, after the show ended, in the traditional theme park format.

You also get to climb up the Giant Buddha statue that looks like a "Statue of Liberty" in Hong Kong. And then later, you can walk along the Wisdom Path, a mountain trail that leads you to large wooden "pillars" that appear like Stonehenge, carved with Chinese characters, translating the Buddhist Heart Sutra. The pillars are arranged in a figure-eight infinity symbol, and it is truly a spectacular sight to see, specially when you hike up to that area just before sundown, as I did.

ImageIt is truly remarkable how the five elements can be combined this way in Hong Kong, as their flag suggests. This world city is truly amazing!

It makes it seem that the idea of enlightenment just happened not too long ago. The Buddha, once a bodhisatva (Sanskrit for "heroic enlightened ones") never claimed that he discovered the path to enlightenment. He says he rediscovered an ancient path which must be immediately announced to the King and Queen--You! Buddhas existed before him, he says, and will continue to exist as time flows.

ImageEnlightenment easily flowed to East Asia and South East Asia, but somehow its development in the West evolved differently--secretly. Gnostics spoke of "illuminated" or "esoteric knowledge." Schizophrenics in Rome may have learned it independently or through Eastern influences. In Italian, "Enlightened Ones" is translated to "Illuminati," and it was used generically in the Roman Empire's vicinity by schizophrenics, such as Montanus around 172 CE; their groups being labelled "Illuminati." The belief system was always persecuted by the totalitarian Roman Catholic Church because its version of Christianity or Buddhahood was "subversive." Their cause died as Europe slipped into what historians call the Dark Ages. Many schizophrenics still held the idea but the light faded as the original form of Christianity evolved into something else.

Fortunately, Marco Polo's Il Milione rekindled Italy in the 13th century. His story of Asia's advances was so unbelievable to the Europeans that many thought (even until now) that he made it all up. Soon after, the Renaissance--the rebirth of light--emerged, and schizophrenics started "enlightened" groups (some "organized," others informal, independent of each other, yet related by the common goal of enlightenment) including the Alumbrados (Spanish for "enlightened" or "illuminated") in 1492, the Illumines (French for "illuminate") in 1623, and the German Perfektibilisten ("Perfectibilists") in 1776, who were later labelled just like the Italian church's other historic "enlightened" enemies. They were stamped as "Illuminati" (a name that has stuck and is commonly attributed erroneously and exclusively, with much paranoia, to this particular group).

ImageOf course, there were many other groups, independent of each other and sometimes in competition, who also claimed to be "enlightened," including the English Freemasons in the 17th century, and the Italian Accademia dei Lincei or "Academy of the Lynxes." (After all, no one holds a copyright or trademark to schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.) Galileo was inducted to this academy on December 25, 1611; thus calling himself Galileo Galilei Linceo. (The mythological Lynx, of course, esteemed for its sharp "illuminated" vision, is called "the keeper of secrets of the forest," seeing without being seen. It is also identified with the Celtic god Lugus, later bearing an association with triplicity and the archangel St.Michael.) The "Enlightened" members of the Academy, thus published the works of Galileo and supported him financially and morally, including his tribulations with the Roman Catholic Church. Unfortunately, his academy shut down three years before his trial, but his works would later be used by Isaac Newton and England. Indeed, this was the Age of Enlightenment in the West.

Europe suffered, and Buddha's First Noble Truth was really true! So revolutions, influenced by the "enlightened," including the French and American Revolutions, spread and took off around the world. And guess what? The French gives a gift to the Americans. A gift resembling the sun god Helios--the Colossus of Rhodes. The sun being the ancient Asian symbol of Enlightenment, Wisdom and Truth. The French called it, La liberté éclairant le monde or "Liberty Enlightening the World." But it is more commonly known today as the Statue of Liberty--Buddha's vision for the world. Finally, there was a country where freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion was protected.

Buddha's vision was now here, and there, and everywhere.

Indeed, it makes it all the better to say every lunar year, Kung Hei Fat Choi!cool


"If Buddha had been a Christian, he would have been a great saint of our Lord Jesus Christ, so good and pure was the life he led."

--Marco Polo, Italian Explorer and Businessman

Chapter 6: "I neither believe nor disbelieve the qualities which many attribute to him (God); before theologians' and philosophers' definitions and lucubrations of this ineffable and inscrutable being I find myself smiling. Faced with the conviction of seeing myself confronting the supreme Problem, which confused voices seek to explain to me, I cannot but reply: 'It could be; but the God that I foreknow is far more grand, far more good: Plus Supra!...I believe in (revelation); but not in revelation or revelations which each religion or religions claim to possess. Examining them impartially, comparing them and scrutinizing them, one cannot avoid discerning the human 'fingernail' and the stamp of the time in which they were written... No, let us not make God in our image, poor inhabitants that we are of a distant planet lost in infinite space. However, brilliant and sublime our intelligence may be, it is scarcely more than a small spark which shines and in an instant is extinguished, and it alone can give us no idea of that blaze, that conflagration, that ocean of light. I believe in revelation, but in that living revelation which surrounds us on every side, in that voice, mighty, eternal, unceasing, incorruptible, clear, distinct, universal as is the being from whom it proceeds, in that revelation which speaks to us and penetrates us from the moment we are born until we die. What books can better reveal to us the goodness of God, his love, his providence, his eternity, his glory, his wisdom? 'The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth his handiwork."Image

--Dr. Jose Chua "Rizal," Philippine National Hero, in a letter to the Jesuit, Father Pastell, who failed to convince him to yield to the Church; Rizal was executed by firing squad in 1896 by the Spanish government and the Roman Catholic Church for inciting rebellion, sedition and conspiracy through his two published books--the Noli Me Tangere (1887, Germany) and El filibusterismo (1891, Belgium)

Chapter 6:

"...Lord, God of all men and women,
in certain periods of history
Christians have at times given in to intolerance
and have not been faithful to the great commandment of love,
sullying in this way the face of the Church, your Spouse.
Have mercy on your sinful children and accept our resolve
to seek and promote truth in the gentleness of charity..."
"...Christians have often denied the Gospel;
yielding to a mentality of power,
they have violated the rights of ethnic groups and peoples,
and shown contempt for their cultures and religious traditions:
be patient and merciful towards us, and grant us your forgiveness! ..."

"...Christians have been guilty of attitudes
of rejection and exclusion,
consenting to acts of discrimination
on the basis of racial and ethnic differences.
Forgive us and grant us the grace to heal the wounds
still present in your community on account of sin..."

"...How many times have Christians themselves not recognized you
in the hungry, the thirsty and the naked,
in the persecuted, the imprisoned,
and in those incapable of defending themselves,
especially in the first stages of life.
For all those who have committed acts of injustice
by trusting in wealth and power
and showing contempt for the 'little ones'
who are so dear to you, we ask your forgiveness..."

--Pope John Paul II, Official Papal Apology from Rome on March 12, 2000 for Church Crimes

Chapter 6:

"Here I would like to pause to acknowledge the shame which we have all felt as a result of the sexual abuse of minors by some clergy and religious in this country.

Indeed, I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering the victims have endured and I assure them that as their pastor I too share in their suffering.

These misdeeds, which constitute so grave a betrayal of trust, deserve unequivocal condemnation.

They have caused great pain and have damaged the Church's witness.

I ask all of you to support and assist your bishops, and to work together with them in combating this evil.

Victims should receive compassion and care, and those responsible for these evils must be brought to justice.

It is an urgent priority to promote a safer and more wholesome environment, especially for young people."

--Pope Benedict XVI Apologizing for the Church's Sex Crimes, July 2008

Posted on Saturday 17 of February, 2007 [17:00:30 UTC]

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Chapter 3: The Aesthetic Form of the Middle Way

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Monday 17 of April, 2006
In the 1880s, Charles Darwin's cousin, Sir Francis Galton, wanted to find out if criminals share the same facial features. In the process of studying photographs of male criminals, he discovered that when their ugly faces were blended together using composite images from multiple exposures, the resulting picture produced pleasant faces. In other words,

Average (Ugly Face 1mad + Ugly Face 2evil) = Relatively Pretty Facecool

More than a hundred years later, Judith Langlois and the University of Texas performed a similar experiment using female faces and digital photography. The results were similar. And when they blended the face of many women, attractive and unattractive, the resulting face was voted by men to be more attractive than about 90% of women.

The discovery that beauty is in the average of the extremes is nothing new, of course. Euclid, while collecting the works of Egyptian mathematicians for the Greek Empire, wrote the Elements around 300 BCE and in it, he showed the method to calculate what he called the "extreme and mean (average) ratio." Later, this ratio was called the Phi by the Greeks, and it is better known today as the Golden Mean, Golden Ratio or the Sacred Ratio.

Phi = {1 + SQR(5)} / 2 = approximately 1.6

And in 1202 CE, the Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano (Fibonacci), tried to understand Rabbit reproduction by using a series of numbers, now called the Fibonacci Series (originally from India):

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610...

Add the first two numbers, and the next number is produced. Add the second and third, and the fourth number appears, somewhat like golden bunnies playing around and producing babies eternally. And if the next number is divided by the previous number, the result is approximately 1.6. This number becomes constant after the 13th number in the series.

233/144 = 1.618

377/233 = 1.618

610/377 = 1.618

Although unverified, this ratio is said to have been used in the Egyptian Pyramids and even by the Italian eccentric Leonardo da Vinci. The ratio can produce what is called a Fibonacci Square. The famous illustration of da Vinci with a man outstretching his arms and legs within a square and a circle, is a good example of how he demonstrates the symmetry and ratio of the human body which obeys the Golden Mean.

Pythagoras, who spent 22 years in Egyptian temples, studying their ways, revered its counterpart, just like Archimedes who called the counterpart "the measure of the fish," since the "fish" intersection produced by the vesica pisces (Mastercard logo) has a height to length ratio of 153: 265, which is approximately 0.6. The vesica pisces is the symbol of the Greek Logos or Word (John 1:1), just as the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol personifies the Tao. The image is sexual and beautiful and can be found in the male and female body. It is the icon of ecstasy when the opposites are joined together as one.

The Gnostic Apostle John mentions the sacred number 153 (John 21:11) for a fishy story similar to a Pythagorean tale hundreds of years earlier.

Indeed, the Beauty Ratio is...

1.6 (phi) : 1 : 0.6 (measure of pisces)

And if your face and body follow this ratio, it is voted to be more beautiful than bodies that do not obey this ratio. It is like saying that the Law of God in aesthetics is still the Middle Way. Even today, the Sacred Ratio is the basis of the Neufert, an important reference book of architects.

And in the world scene, the average of all "races" can be found in South East Asia, where beautiful girls are a dime a dozen. White women, for instance, consider their skin tone too pale and tan it. Black women might prefer to bleach it. But the skin tone of South East Asians is just right. The ones, of course, who live in cosmopolitan areas are judged to be the most beautiful, both in appearance and personality, since cosmopolitanism is the Middle Way.

This is why many Europeans and Americans want to destroy it. Some people hate what is beautiful because they are not. That is nature. But bunny hunting is like the traditional Egyptian Easter egg hunt. The process of death and destruction is part of the cycle of rebirth, where the product may be more beautiful than the parents, since it is a product of convergence.

The product will continue to be one of the five types of genders; namely,the average male or female, or the eccentric gay, lesbian or bisexual. And of course, the Logos--Gravity, Space and Time--will produce its varying degrees. This will be bred through various types of relationships. Some will be extreme, such as the non-consensual type, or where a business deal takes place and disease is spread. Others will be born from another extreme, where strict religious adherence to marriage customs produce great suffering. These extremes are naturally very harmful. Others will come from a more moderate path, from "common-law" partnerships or "open" relationships similar to the practices of Old Tibet. And here, the Logos will be made flesh, and He will dwell among us. (John 1:14) For in the middle, he is begotten of the "Father."

In 2,500 BCE the Egyptian Pyramid Texts proclaim the glory of the Logos. 2,000 years later, Lao Tzu calls it the Tao in China and Heraclitus of Ephesus names it the Logos or Word. Plutarch teaches that Osiris is "the Logos in itself, transcendant and impassible." And around 30 CE, John calls his teacher Iesous (Jesus) as the Logos.

Indeed, the beauty of the Middle Way is very ancient. And even if some cultures have tried to destroy it or alter it, it is here to stay. It will live forever. It is the eternal law of the universe. It is the Ultimate Architect!

"Listening not to me but to the Word (Logos) it is wise to agree that all things are one" (Heraclitus of Ephesus, c.500 BCE)

"God is day-night, winter-summer, war-peace, satiety-hunger, and it alters just as when it is mixed with incense is named according to the aroma of each." (Heraclitus)

"When people see some things as beautiful,
other things become ugly.
When people see some things as good,
other things become bad.

Being and non-being create each other.
Difficult and easy support each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low depend on each other.
Before and after follow each other.

Therefore the Master
acts without doing anything (balanced effort)
and teaches without saying anything. (secrecy/codification)
Things arise and she lets them come;
things disappear and she lets them go. (acceptance)
she has but doesn't posses, (burdenless mind)
acts but doesn't expect (frustration free)
when her work is done, she forgets it. (sayang)
that is why it lasts forever."

(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, c.500 BCE)

"In the beginning was the Tao (Logos), and the Tao was with God, and the Tao was God...The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome... The Tao was made flesh and he dwelt among us." (John 1:1-14, The New Testament, Chinese Translation, c.1st Century CE)

"At seventy, I could follow the mind's longings without stepping beyond the strict confines of a carpenter's square." (Analects of K'ung-fu-tzu / Confucius, 2.4, c.500 BCE)

"Allah has appointed a measure for all things." (Surat at-Talaq,3)

"It is very helpful to know where the relative center is located so that you can know which direction to move to when you are close to the edge. Steering and shifting gears will be easier, specially if you have to dart through Venetian canals. Remember to shift through neutral gear properly. Dock skillfully and drive your powerboat trailer safely!"
(Rodney St.Michael, 2006 CE)cool

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12345678987654321 (Try it out with a calculator)

Food Safety: Sometimes, when Whites travel overseas and you see them from afar, it is easy to know whether they are European or American. Europeans are relatively fit, but many Americans look like "giant pigs." For decades, tons of hormones were injected into their food, including meat and milk. Farmers made more money fattening up livestock and this had a domino effect in the economy. Americans had to buy more and larger clothes, earthly goods (hormonal imbalance can create abnormal desires), weight-loss products or medical services (including doctor's fees and hospital bills), larger infrastructure (to fit their butts in airline seats, for instance, or bigger vehicles, roads and facilities), and so forth. American businessmen loved it, to the detriment of the American people. (Even the elite, who try to dodge it and masterminded it, are also affected.)

Even Western restaurants are not safe to eat. When I ate at Mc Donald's in Southern California, years ago, I developed cramps for at least an hour, immediately after I ate there, perhaps due more to the food preparers than the food itself. Western food preparers are sometimes known to “poison” the food of customers that they dislike. They may spit on your food before it leaves the kitchen. They may throw your meat on the floor before they put it back into the oven, or on the frying pan, or they may wickedly insert dangerous items inside your food. When I dined at the International Antarctic Center's food court, across the U.S. Antarctic Base, for instance, I almost ate a fruit tart with a small hidden screw inside it, prepared by the New Zealanders. I was very fortunate to have discovered it first before I got screwed! That's why, it's always a good idea to prepare your own packed lunch from Asian groceries, if one is available, if you have to travel to the West. In spite of all the negative publicity, I still prefer to eat in Asian restaurants and buy from Asian grocery stores because it is still relatively safer compared to the Western ones. It is the lesser evil.

Even the Europeans, have grown strangely. They looked better in the past, when they were smaller and shorter. In Western beauty pageants, television creates an illusion of petiteness because you can't see their actual size. However, when you see them live, they look like “manly women”. In fact, some heterosexual Whites sometimes mistakenly lust after transvestites in Thailand, thinking they are real women, probably because European models sometimes have a “transvestite look”. Of course, it is difficult to ascertain if this is due to their food or due to natural evolution. Maybe it's a combination of both.

It is strange indeed, but even heterosexual lust actually comes from a cocktail of the “gay” and “bi” sides of our "minds," as I implied in my gender-"race" astrophysical theory. Unfortunately, it makes humans like programmed robots, through their hormones (androgens and estrogens) and the additional artificial hormones from injected food that imbalance it. Hence, Chinese Chan or Japanese Zen monks attempt to extinguish the "gay-bi mind" or what some Buddhists call the "monkey mind" through single-point and breath meditation. This transforms the mind to a "male" state, with minimal compulsions. On the other hand, Tibetan monks would add "loving-kindness" meditation to balance it with a "female" state of mind. This allows them to control their minds by disabling the built-in "animalistic" programming. Thus, the average family man juggles multiple states of mind that are not recommended for the mentally ill, who already experiences an imbalance in neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. During heterosexual copulation with a female, the family man is "gay-bi." Immediately afterwards, he loses interest and becomes "male" again. Then he cares for his baby and shifts to a "female" mind-state while he comforts his wife as a "lesbian." These "multiple personalities" will drive the family man crazy every now and then, but native hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin eventually calm him down.

Meanwhile, Transsexuals continue to crave for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to transform their bodies by changing the level of their sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone). Americans do likewise, ingesting the same hormones through their food. It may be queer, but my gender-"race" astrophysical theory explains everything.

Thunder-Perfect Mind

(excerpt, c.350 BCE-1st Century CE)

{Gnostic document found together with non-canonized New Testament Gospels in Nag Hammadi, Egypt}

For I AM the first and the last.
I AM the honored one and the scorned one.
I AM the whore and the saint.
I AM the wife and the virgin.

Why, you who hate me, do you love me,
and hate those who love me?
You who deny me, confess me,
and you who confess me, deny me.
You who tell the truth about me, lie about me,
and you who have lied about me, tell the truth about me.
You who know me, be ignorant of me,
and those who have not known me, let them know me.

Why have you hated me in your counsels?
For I shall be silent among those who are silent,
and I shall appear and speak,
Why then have you hated me, you Greeks?
Because I am a barbarian among the barbarians?
For I am the wisdom of the Greeks
and the knowledge of the barbarians.
I AM the judgment of the Greeks and of the barbarians.
I AM the one whose image is great in Egypt
and the one who has no image among the barbarians.

I AM the one who has been hated everywhere
and who has been loved everywhere.
I AM the one whom they call Life,
and you have called Death.
I AM the one whom they call Law,
and you have called Lawlessness.
I AM the one whom you have pursued,
and I am the one whom you have seized.
I AM the one whom you have scattered,
and you have gathered me together.
I AM the one before whom you have been ashamed,
and you have been shameless to me.
I AM she who does not keep festival,
and I am she whose festivals are many.
I, I AM godless,
and I AM the one whose God is great.

I AM the one whom you have reflected upon,
and you have scorned me.
I AM unlearned,
and they learn from me.
I AM the one that you have despised,
and you reflect upon me.
I AM the one whom you have hidden from,
and you appear to me.

But whenever you hide yourselves,
I myself will appear.
For whenever you appear,
I myself will hide from you.


I AM lust in (outward) appearance,
and interior self-control exists within me.
I AM the hearing which is attainable to everyone
and the speech which cannot be grasped.
I AM a mute who does not speak,
and great is my multitude of words.


For many are the pleasant forms which exist in numerous sins,
and incontinencies,
and disgraceful passions,
and fleeting pleasures,
which (men) embrace until they become sober
and go up to their resting place.
And they will find me there,
and they will live,
and they will not die again.

Bitch (The Sacred Feminine)

(Excerpt, 1997 CE)

Popularized by Canadian-American Buddhist Pop-singer Alanis Morissette

Lyrics by Meredith Brooks & Shelly Pieken

I'm a Bitch I'm a Lover
I'm a child I'm a Mother
I'm a sinner I'm a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
you know you wouldn't want it any other way

So take me as I AM
This might mean you'll have to be a stronger man
Rest assured that when I start to make you nervous
I'm going to extremes; Tomorrow I will change
And today won't mean a thing


Just when you think, you got me figured out

The season's already changin'
I think it's cool; you do what you do
And don't try to save me

Posted on Monday 17 of April, 2006 [13:38:05 UTC]

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Chapter 8: 1418 World Map - Correctly Centered At Last

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Thursday 30 of March, 2006
Recently an ancient map was discovered and revealed to the public this year, 2006, which dates itself to be 1763. The writings on the map indicate that it is an updated copy of a map that dates back to the 16th year of Chinese Emperor Yong-le (1418). At first, many doubted its authenticity and blasted it as a 20th-century forgery. But it was carbon-dated last month in New Zealand and the results prove that the year 1763 is within the highest probable range for its age.

It has sparked great controversy since it implies that China, with its Asian partners, already mapped the entire world years before any European explorer. But what I like most about it is its orientation. World maps today are centered on the British Isles. Today's Time Zones are also centered on it. But the 1418 map is centered on the ASEAN nations--the Philippine Islands, that little Guinea Pig, in particular.

It is also shaped like the Vesica Pisces--the symbol of the Greek Logos or Word, popularized by Heraclitus in 500 BCE and immortalized by the Gnostic Apostle John 500 years later (John 1:1 in the Western New Testament). It is the Greek version of the Chinese Tao, and the ancient Greeks also associate it with the female vulva, to symbolize the union of opposites, just like the Mastercard logo, where both worlds are one.

The Chinese, Arab, Indian and East Asian Admirals, sailors and cartographers must have admired the ASEAN region at that time to consider it to be the center of the vulva. That's very interesting! And that's my kind of map!

View the Original Map of Middle Earth and Read an Article from the UK's Economist

"America is a mistake, a giant mistake."
--Sigmund Freud, Father of Western Psychoanalysis

The Writing on the Wall: Just like Freud, China in the 1400s eventually realized that the libido of technological innovation and expansion is self-destructive, and it saved China from death. It dismantled its growth programs and moved toward aversion, thinking it was safe to do so, since, after exploring the world, no one at that time could match China. Indeed, the Tao would favor a middle-way approach of parallelism—to simply match the most harmful technology that others can produce as it emerges, as a security measure, while disarming advantageous technologies. Most of the Chinese officials during Zheng He's era, were not aware, however, that some of the technologies it created was not completely destroyed because when the likes of Zheng He knew that their end was near, they opted to save and transfer the technology to others. Indeed, this was most evident in Mediterranean Europe. Asian information, not just illuminati know-how which spread in the 1400s during the birth of the Renaissance, was developed or gayified, many times plagiarized, by Europeans. Consequently, old Asian maps which smelled fishy, were re-centered by Europeans to the rear end of the globe, the rectal area, filling your nostrils with the odor of manure and sodomy.

The plagiarized works include the German Schöner maps and the truncated 1507 Waldseeműller map, based on the 1506 Waldseeműller Green Globe, which shows territories still unknown and unexplored by the Europeans, including Antarctica, the Pacific, the Strait of Magellan, the Andes, Mexico's Sierra Madre and California's Sierra Nevada. As Gavin Menzies points out, it was gayified by these Catholic priests, who sourced it, just like Toscanelli, from an Asian ambassador who visited Pope Eugenius around 1434, as also testified in court during the Pleitos de Colon, when the Columbus family sued the Spanish government (Bedini, Columbus Encyclopdia, vol 2 S.V. "Arias Perez Pinzon," The History Co-operative). Fortunately, the Italians were honest enough to paint the Mongol America-China-India Map on the wall of the Doge's Palace in Venice with proper credits. The painter credited Niccolo da Conti's and Marco Polo's travels to Asia and procurement of technology and information, including maps, for a world map, centered on Beijing, painted prior to 1428, which includes California and the west coast of America, all the way to India.

The top roundel credits Marco Polo. The bottom one crediting da Conti says:

“Oriental India (China and the Indies in 15th century nomenclature) as drawn in this way (from the perspective of ships sailing out from China's east coast) is clearly a result of the foreign travels and illustrated writings not least the narratives of the merchant of the fifteenth century, Niccolo da Conti. Publication of this itinerary sheds new light on the mariners.” (Translation by Menzies in 1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Inspired the Renaissance)

Eventually, the Europeans caught up, so Asians settled for the middle-way approach of parallelism--simply mirroring the other side's lethal technologies as it emerges. Technological expansion and growth leads to self-destruction, and once people realize this, they opt for disarmament. Even what seems to be harmless technology for the West, such as cars or planes, is now more easily realized as destructive. Some Asian governments today, for instance, such as Singapore and China, are moving to minimize its use through efficient public infrastructure like Shanghai's magnetic levitation train or the bullet train projected to commute people between Singapore and Malaysia. Japan's trains, one of the fastest in the world, is another example. Even Asian missile-defense systems are set-up only to match American attempts to initiate one.

Space travel too has its limitations. While Einstein seems to have pointed to the possibility of time travel and inter-stellar conquests, he was just making the issue of time dilation fun and easy to understand. Interstellar travel is really practically impossible for macroscopic objects like humans. Likewise for negative time travel. Time can "approach zero" from an external frame of reference, but you really can't go back to the past. Time dilation is actually an illusion created by perspective. Hence, Asians just move toward space parallelism for practical security, since the prospects of future earthlings in another inter-stellar planet is practically non-existent. In the same way, although the existence of astrobiological life is highly likely, the presence of intelligent inter-stellar aliens on earth is also practically impossible. They just wouldn't be able to get here. Even Sir Arthur Clarke would probably agree that in end, alien and Star-Trek movies, are nothing but "gay" fantasies.

(Addendum Block Posted November 2008)

"The sage seeks not to have a store
of things or knowledge, for he knows,
the less of these he has, the more he has,
and that the more he gives,
the greater his abundance."
--Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Chapter 3: The Purpose of Life: A Korean kid once told me that he dreamed of flying to the Andromeda galaxy with a rocket (an ancient Chinese invention). “Woohoooo!” he said. razz And he wanted a guide to tell him how to do it. Fortunately, he chose a galaxy named after a woman. Freud would have easily guessed the symbolic meaning of his dream. Phallic symbols are relatively common in Asia, ranging from tiny tantric stone structures, to stupas, obelisks, towers and yes, even rockets. Freud is right when he says that the purpose of life is sex, just as Buddha believes that humanity's perpetual quest is to find the Middle Way. They speak of the same thing in two different languages.Image

Sex, of course, is not just physical. Intercourse happens in innumerable ways. People desire various kinds of relationships—personal, business, social, you name it, and they long for compatibility, longevity, happiness and peace in these relationships. There are often misunderstandings which they try to iron out, many times with little or no success. Nevertheless, they keep trying because it is their life's purpose.Image

Women would wear make-up, fashionable clothes, elegant bags, hats, shoes, jewelry, or perfume, not just to entice the men into their “black hole” at the center of their “galaxy”, but also to attract other types of relationships, sometimes with other women, lesbians, gays or bisexuals, known and unknown, in business, personal life or who knows what.

Men may not be interested, and would rather sleep, unless their “gay-bi” selves pump up their interest in flying their rockets into Andromeda. Then they may start thinking of becoming a little gay by dressing up, whispering sweet nothings, singing like Italian vocalists and playing the Spanish guitar with gentle vitality. Or they may zest up their phallic cars, planes or gadgets to woo Andromeda.

However, conflicts sometimes arise due to gender confusion. This often occurs due to ignorance. Most people are unaware of the gender minds, the genders and the gender breeds working in infinite combinations to produce unique individuals. A man, for instance may have other gender characteristics due to his gender breed or to his dominant gender mind at a particular time or circumstance. Indeed, a true male enjoys being a loner or a hermit because the thought of “bisexuality” makes him vomit. But other “males” may have bisexual characteristics such as the longing to be with drinking buddies, fraternities or sports teams, often mistakenly thought to be male needs, but are more bisexual in reality, just like the desire for tattoos, fast cars and guns. Other “males” may have female characteristics such as the need to sing and dance. Again, this may be due to the fact that their gender may be male but their varying gender minds or their “race” may be different. These characteristics are often seen among the Browns, for example, and peers may insist boys to adopt these traits to become men, not realizing that these are far from being manly.

Bisexuality and lesbianism may also overlap, just as Brown Males and Blacks share some common characteristics. Females too have an often-overlooked “bisexuality” that is sometimes mistaken to be either female or lesbian. Females cannot live without other women or girls. It is common to see girls holding each other’s hands or walking with arms entangled. They also naturally admire the pictures of pretty girls and their sensuous figures, but that does not necessarily make them lesbians since females have built-in “bisexuality.” Unlike true males, the left and right brain hemispheres of women are well-connected.

Gays, lesbians and bisexuals are also not the same, which is sometimes erroneously thought of when some people call them collectively as “gays.” In fact, they may be at odds with each other or even hate each other. Even the different types of gays may not relate to each other. For example, gays who dress up like men may actually hate transvestites or cross-dressers who wear women's clothes. Consequently, people often think that what is gay is what is obviously or openly gay, being often ignorant of the other types of gays, gay-bis and bisexuals. This is comparable to the misunderstanding of the gender breeds.

So is everyone just a puppet or an actor in a movie, directed and produced by the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Tao—-the God of all ages? Chinese philosophers and astronomers have thought about it for millennia, and they came up with a simple formula:

Destiny = (x)Human Luck + (y)Earth Luck + (z)Heaven Luck

Human Luck includes "unchangeable" traits such as genetic characteristics, ancestral origin, and the like. Next, Earth Luck includes your upbringing, your family life, school crowd, etc. Lastly, Heaven Luck is where Andromeda comes to play. In the ancient past, the Tao already had a role in your ancestor's genes, and when you were in your mother's womb for nine months, the tidal forces, magnetic forces and other cosmic forces played a role in your fetal development. She molded you like clay using an uneven potter's wheel.

With Human Luck and Heaven Luck unchangeable, it leaves very little room for Will or Choice. If your Destiny and Luck can be ranked from 1 to 5, and x, y and z equal one-third each. Then, Will only has a factor of about one-third or less, depending on how Human Luck and Heaven Luck influence it. However, as y becomes smaller, the power of choice becomes weaker. The variables x, y and z, unfortunately, are unknown.

In any case, you can only respect the Tao and its Way, and leave everything according to nature. Be tolerant of God, be tolerant towards others, and most especially, be tolerant of yourself, no matter who you are, or where you have been.

(Addendum Block Posted November 2008)

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."
-- Einstein

"For what can scape the eye Of God all-seeing, or deceive his heart Omniscient?"

Posted on Thursday 30 of March, 2006 [10:21:28 UTC]

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Chapter 7: Politically Correct Organizational Development

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Tuesday 28 of March, 2006
We recently finished Dr. Stuart Atkins' Life Orientation Training in our company, and I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed with it. It's based on Atkins' book, The Name of Your Game, which is a western version of Indian-Chinese four and five-element Theory. But it never gives credit to its Asian origins, naturally, for political correctness to a Western audience.

Actually, most western psychologists base their conflict-management and organizational-development strategies on the four or five-element theory but never say so. Dr. Atkins, for instance, mentions that someone taught the moderation theory around 500 BCE, but he never mentions the name of the person who preached it.

He calls the four orientations or personalities as Supporting-Giving, Controlling-Taking, Conserving-Holding and Adapting-Dealing, instead of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. And he explains that each orientation has a strength, a threshold and an excess, just as Buddha says that there is no right or wrong orientation as long as it is moderate. Suffering occurs when the orientation gauge moves to the red zone.

In reality, it is not really the excessive use of each personality's traits that creates harm, as Atkins claims. It is actually timing and circumstance that produces beneficial or harmful effects for each elemental personality, whether they act sparingly or excessively.

Dr. Atkins also has an online psychometric test based on the four elements just like the popular Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument which is based on the five elements. This test is used mostly by corporations to assess the level of schizophrenia in their organization. However, Western attempts to increase the precision of four or five-element philosophy only increases inaccuracy because they refuse to acknowledge the role of Quantum Theory in human behavior.

It is difficult though to blame Western psychologists for hiding its Asian origins because of its political incorrectness. In a way, it is very much like saying that the historical Knights of the Round Table were Iranian captives who were forced to join the Roman Empire around 500 CE, and who were stationed in Britain against their will for a Roman commander named Arturius, who had to fight the Saxons, and who eventually won the hearts of the Britons. It is, of course, easier to absorb the English myth of the King Arthur legends, with chivalrous Christian English Knights instead of pagans. Reality would probably lead to vomiting for some Britons.

But that is really what the four-element theory is all about. Indeed, it is very hard, for example, for some Asians to believe that there is nothing wrong with the Controlling-Taking orientation as long as it is moderated. In fact, an unmoderated Adapting-Dealing orientation would be wrong.

In reality, your enemies are really also your friends. And your friends are really also your enemies. If more people pondered on this fact, life would definitely be more pleasant!

The Wolf Man, Manananggal and Kapre in GLB Fusang:

Many people do not believe in Freud when he talks about the case of the Wolf Man and repressed homosexuality. In the same way, many people doubt the account of Hwui Shan, a Buddhist missionary, originally from Afghanistan, who reported to the Chinese government about 450 CE.

His team of missionaries eventually left China and arrived in 458 CE in Fusang (North and Central America), where the Buddhists lived for decades. They eventually returned to China in 499 CE with a full report for Emperor Wu Ti. (The Asians were indeed no strangers to America, which they already knew and crudely mapped even Before Christ. They travelled there in ships and boats using astro-navigation, which is how the Polynesians inhabited the Pacific islands.)

The Emperor ordered Prince Yu Kie to record Hwui's report in the imperial archives as an historical account for the year 499. It was published later in 600 as the Records of the Liang Dynasty by the historian Li Yan Chu, and cited several times in other works, including Volume 231 of the encyclopedia Tu-Shu-Tsi-Chin. (While the Chinese invented the encyclopedia in the tenth century, their obsession with self-actualization has led them many times to destroy their own works.)

A correctly-centered world map makes it easy to see the simplicity of Hwui's voyage from the east coast of China to Alaska, down to California and Mexico. While sailing to America was easy for the Chinese, swallowing the presence of cannibals was not. Only the Metal-Water presence of Afghan Buddhist monks could possibly tame their Metal-Water comrades in their wild state. Indeed, while Western historians today note the accuracy of many details in Hwui's account with the golden era or Classic Period of Mayan civilization, some Westerners think that he was describing fables when Hwui told stories about “dog-faced men” and strange Amazon women.

Freud, however, would not think strangely of such a tale. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals (GLB) in the context of gender-minds, genders and gender-breeds has obvious animalistic characteristics. Many people fear GLB, not just the gender itself, but the gender-breed “races” and the gender-minds within themselves, that if left untamed, could destroy themselves. This GLB fear has translated into many monstrosities around the world, including the almost unknown Asian kapre and manananggal, to the infamous European werewolf and the gay-bi vampire.

The werewolf though, like the other creatures, is not really that strange. It is now known that during a full moon, the tidal forces of the moon distort the earth's ionosphere in such a way that health-giving negative ions in the air become scarce, overwhelmed by positive ions which disrupts the human body's circulation, leading to possible irritation and “lunacy”, the term which describes its lunar or moon-based origins.

While it seems that the Chinese Buddhist mission failed during the Classic Mayan Period to tame “lunacy” in Central America, it seems that there was actually some efficacy to its implementation. After the Buddhist delegation left America, Mayan civilization declined after a few decades. This decline is similar to the downturn of Hindu civilization in Cambodia after Mahayana Buddhism was introduced. Compulsive desire gradually lost its potency.

Today, many scholars are still theorizing and debating about the main cause of the Classic Period decline, but when they include Freud and Hwui into the equation, they might just see the light.

Posted on Tuesday 28 of March, 2006 [23:56:42 UTC]

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Chapter 8: Polynyas Overhead, Up Periscope!

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Saturday 24 of December, 2005
I am dumbfounded that even up to now, many new discoveries and theories are coming out supporting the predictions of the Convergence Theory. It's as if I just let the red sails of a piece of junk go with the wind and current, and I end up in New England, Greenland and Iceland. So it looks as if I will be able to continue the last two books in the pentology--Sync My World: Thief's Honor GA SK and Sync My World: The Middle Man & the Middle Way SKSK.Image

Thanks to Gavin Menzies, submarine commander of the British Royal Navy, the world now knows more about the greatest naval fleet that sailed the world almost 600 hundred years ago. With hundreds of ships and almost 30,000 seamen, unequaled until World War I, Zheng He sailed the world and proved the power of the five elements in union. Although the Mandarin Scholars hated him--since he is not exactly Chinese, being a Muslim-Buddhist Mongol-Arab, and since he is not exactly a man, being a eunuch whose manhood was severed at an early age--now China looks at him in a new light as it opens up to the world.

Menzies claims that Fushan (the Buddhist name of Zheng He) circumnavigated, mapped and discovered many new worlds for the Middle Kingdom decades before Columbus, Vasco de Gama and Magellan. But most of the records of his accomplishments were destroyed in China because the brainy Confucian Mandarins disliked the Working Class, Militants and Business Class. It is improper, after all, under the rules of Confucian filial piety, to go abroad while one's parents are still alive. So most of Fushan's discoveries were completely destroyed, and most Chinese today don't even know him at all.

Thus, after his era, China rolled downhill and was overtaken by the thieves who stole the "plans" from them. In fact, China burned their books so thoroughly that some of the only existing products of Fushan's voyages are in pirated hands. The only copy, for instance, of the I Yu Thu Chih (1430) is in the hands of the University of Cambridge. The Chinese Embassy recently had to ask for a photocopy of it.

After Fushan's voyages, China completely halted all its overseas exploits, with almost complete disregard for the Id. This, historians say, was one of the greatest foreign policy errors that China ever made, and it cracked the Middle Kingdom.

Today, in a small place in Java, Indonesia, Fushan is worshiped as a god. He symbolizes the success of combinatorics and five-element unity. To respect the Id, just as much as the Ego and Superego is to facilitate success. To disrespect either one is to ensure failure, as China has learned.

Now, China has huge cargo ships instead of its Treasure Fleet, and it is not turning back. For the last three decades, it averaged 9.6% in economic growth, an achievement unsurpassed by any other country. China's current leadership claims that the secret is in finding a middle path between communist-socialism and capitalism.

ImageThe ASEAN+3 region is also moving toward the combinatorics that Fushan envisioned, starting with Chinese-styled Singapore, where one third of the world's trade passes through, then slowly spreading to its neighbors. Proper legislation and enforcement through Congress, the Senate or Parliament is still lacking though to ensure respect for all five elements, but as time passes, the wind and current will bring it there. It's only a matter of time.

Sharing the process though, expedites its natural movement and hastens convergence. And it moves the world forward to Fushan's vision of fraternity, equality and world peace through trade.

"Today most of us think that the natural order of things is a rich and powerful West and a weak and poor East, but in fact, for most of human history, it's been the other way around. The upshot is, I think, is that the 21st century will belong to India and China, and beyond that, the entire third millennium will be Asia's once more."

--Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

The Critical Letter from the astronomer Toscanelli to the King of Portugal via Father Martins, CCed to Christopher Columbus with an attached global map from China's ambassadors, detailing the route westwards from Europe to China via the Atlantic:

To Fernan (Martins), Canon of Lisbon,
Paulus (Toscanelli) the physician (in Florence on June 25,1474) sends greetings.

It pleased me to hear of your intimacy and friendship with your great and powerful King. Often before I have spoken of the sea route from here to India, the land of spices: a route which is shorter than that via Guinea. You tell me that His Highness wishes me to explain this in greater detail so that it will be easier to understand and take this route. Although I could show this on a globe representing the earth, I have decided to do it more simply and clearly by demonstrating the way on a nautical chart. I therefore send His Majesty a chart drawn by my own hand, on which I have indicated the western coast line from Ireland in the north to the end of Guinea, and the islands which lie upon this path. Opposite them, directly to the west, I have indicated the beginning of India (actually China as it was called during that period with the attached map), together with the islands and places you will come to: how far you should keep from the Arctic pole and the equator; and how many leagues you must cover before you come to these places, which are most rich in all kinds of spices, gems and precious stones. And be not amazed when I say that spices grow in lands to the West, even though we usually say to the East: for he who sails west will always find these lands, in the west and he who travels east by land will always find the same lands in the east. Image

The upright lines on this chart show the distance from east to west, whereas the cross lines show the distance from north to south. The chart also indicates various places in India which may be reached if one meets with a storm or head wind or any other misfortune.

That you may know as much about these places as possible, you should know that the only people living on any of these islands are merchants who trade here.

There are said to be as many ships, mariners and goods there as in the rest of the world put together especially in the principal port called Zaiton (Quanzhou) where they load and unload one hundred great ships of pepper every year, not to mention many other ships with other spices. That country has many in habitants, provinces, kingdoms and innumerable cities all of which are ruled by a prince known as the Grand Khan, which in our language means "The King of Kings," who mainly resides in the Province of Cathay (Beijing in North East China).Image His forefathers greatly desired to make contact with the Christian world, and some two hundred years ago they sent ambassadors to the Pope, asking him to send them many learned men who could instruct them in our faith; but these ambassadors met with difficulties on the way, and had to turn back without reaching Rome. In the days of Pope Eugenius (1431-1447), there came an ambassador to him, who told him of their great feelings of friendship to all the Christians, and I had a long conversation with the ambassador about many things: about the vast size of the royal buildings, about the amazing length and breadth of their rivers, and about the great number of cities on their banks--so great a number that along one river there were two hundred cities with very long, wide bridges of marble that were adorned with many pillars. This country is richer than any other yet discovered, not only could it provide great profit and many valuable things, but also possesses gold and silver and precious stones and all kinds of spice in large quantities--things which do not reach our countries at present. And there are also many scholars, philosophers, astronomers, and other men skilled in the natural sciences who govern that great kingdom and conduct its wars.Image

From the city of Lisbon to the west, the chart shows twenty-six sections, of two hundred and fifty miles each--altogether nearly one-third of the earth's circumference before reaching the very large and magnificent city of Kinsai (Hangzhou, China). This city is approximately one hundred miles in circumference and possesses ten marble bridges and its name means "the Heavenly City" in our language. Amazing things have been related about its vast buildings, its artistic treasures, and its revenues. It lies in the Province of Manji (South East China), near the Province of Cathay, where the King chiefly resides. And from the island of Antillia (Puerto Rico) which you call "the Island of the Seven Cities," to the very famous island Cipangu (Japan) are ten sections, that is, two thousand five hundred miles. That island is very rich in gold, pearls and precious stones and its temples and palaces are covered in gold. But since the route to this place is not yet known, all these things remain hidden and secret (The Dragon's Tail); and yet one may go there in great safety.

I could still tell of many other things, but as I have already told you of them in person, and as you are a man of good judgment I will dilate no further on this subject. I try to answer your questions as well as the lack of time and my work have permitted me, but I am always prepared to serve His Highness and answer his questions at greater length should he so wish."

(Menzies Translation. Alternative Translation by Markham in the Journals of Christopher Columbus)

The Astronomer Toscanelli's Letter To Columbus

(From) Paul (Toscanelli), the Physician to Christopher Columbus, greeting.

I received your letters with the things you sent me, and with them received great satisfaction. I perceive your magnificent and grand desire to navigate from parts of the East to the West (from Europe to China via the Atlantic) in the way that was set forth in the letter that I sent you (a copy of the letter to Martins) and which will be demonstrated better on a round sphere. Image It pleases me much that I should be well understood: for the said voyage is not only possible but it is true, and certain to be honorable and to yield incalculable profit, and a very great fame among all Christians. But you cannot know this perfectly save through experience and practice as I have had in the form of the most copious and good and true information from distinguished men of great learning who have come here in the Court of Rome (Florence) from the said parts (China's east coast) and from others being merchants, who have had business for a long time those parts, men of high authority. Thus when that voyage shall be made it will be to powerful kingdoms and cities and most noble provinces, very rich in all manner of things in great abundance and very necessary to us, such as all sorts of spices in great quantity and jewels in greatest abundance.

(Translation by Markham in the Journals of Christopher Columbus)

Columbus' Diary as he approached the Caribbean and America on October 4, 1492:

“I should steer west south west to go there and in the spheres which I have seen and in the drawings of Mappae Mundi it is in this region.”

(Translation by Fernandez-Armesto in Columbus)

Pigafetta, Magellan's on-board Italian diarist wrote about a mutiny on April 2, 1520:

“We all believed that it (the 'secret' passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, originally called the Dragon's Tail, now called the Strait of Magellan) was a cul-de-sac; but the captain knew that he had to navigate through a very well-concealed straight, having seen it in a chart preserved in the treasury of the King of Portugal, and made by Martin of Bohemia, a man of great parts.”

(Guillemard in Ferdinand Magellan)

Pigafetta also wrote about Magellan's landing in Limasava, The Philippines, where he was greeted by the King, who wore Chinese silk and used Chinese currency.

Magellan explained to the king “the marine chart and the compass of his ship telling him how he had found the straight to come hither and how many moons he had spent in coming; also, he had not seen any land, in which the King marveled.”

Later, on April 27, 1521, Lapu-Lapu, after refusing to convert to Christianity, killed Magellan in Cebu, The Philippines for being a delusional fraud. Magellan never realized Europe's grand vision of gaytopia.

Posted on Saturday 24 of December, 2005 [16:40:16 UTC]

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Chapter 8: Watch Discovery Channel's Altered Statesmen Series

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Sunday 27 of November, 2005
"He (Sir Winston Churchill) is revered, not in spite of his problems, but because of his problems (bi-polar disorder, which he called his 'black dog') no perfectly balanced person could possibly have shown the same heroic defiance."

Discovery Channel

Watch Discovery Channel's Altered Statesmen series:
Click Here

"Each episode of ALTERED STATESMEN looks at how these leaders could potentially have had their judgments impaired due to a variety of illnesses and drug dependencies. In contrast, the series also examines the positive acts perpetrated by these 'altered statesmen' while they were in office and questions whether these unusual personal traits could have played a part in their legacies as some of the most dynamic politicians of their time."

--Discovery Channel

The Secret of the Illuminati:

It's a secret, so how can I tell you? smile

However, Menzies, in 1434, discusses why White men and Brown Males should jointly win the Nobel Prize for Fraud. It's not possible though because every year, that prize already goes to Satan. Maybe they even richly deserve to be called the Father of Lies, but the Bush family already stole that title from Lucifer.

Interestingly though, the closed-door meetings of Toscanelli, Regiomontanus, Brunelleschi and Alberti in Nicholas of Cusa's home in Rome and their communion at the mensa in Palazzo Vecchio and the Santa Maria del Fiore sheds a lot of light on the enlightenment of Europe and the commencement of the Renaissance.

The discussions of these five first-wave "ninja turtles" or "heroes in a half-shell" would eventually spread from Italy to Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and England. As Menzies points out, Toscanelli's meeting with the ambassador representing China during his visit to Pope Eugenius IV was a critical point in history. Toscanelli's circle of friends, including Alberti, the notary to the Pope and the German astronomer-astrologer Regiomontanus, both suddenly becoming geniuses for seemingly no reason, are suspicious, and Menzies cries foul for plagiarism.

Indeed, Regiomontanus provided Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci with astro-navigation tools from the Chinese astronomer Guo Shoujing, who already used the basics of Calculus before Newton and Leibnitz, who gayified it. Alberti, christened as the “father of modern surveying” also borrowed Chinese civil-engineering technology, as illustrated in the case of Ludi matematici (1450) versus the Shu-shu Chiu-chang. Likewise with Taccola and di Giorgio. Even cryptography for secrecy, using the Chinese Remainder Theorem, was not spared.

However, the Toscanelli Circle's secret "crush" on Asia might have met the same fate as their comrades during the Inquisition. They knew that for Europe to survive, they had to mimic Asia, but they had to be careful; otherwise they would suffer the same fate as other “heretics”, such as the Alumbrados (Illuminati) of Spain (1400s) who were tried during the Inquisition. If they cited their sources of information, their "love-interest" would be obvious and they would have been branded as “devil worshipers”.

In fact, Leonardo da Vinci is held with suspicion nowadays. Several months ago, I wondered why many of my agents, trainees and colleagues were reading Dan Brown books. “What's the fuss all about?” I wondered. I asked them to tell me what it's all about. I originally imagined that it was a romance novel since the girls, gays and lesbians were hooked on it. To my surprise, it discussed topics that I thought about years earlier. In the past, I thought I was really eccentric since only a few people thought about these things before Brown, but thankfully, now I can be considered “normal” since many people now think about these issues.

Although Brown may not be accurate, you have to give him credit for marketing da Vinci's mysteries. In reality, the true message that da Vinci consistently depicts in his works is not about Magdalene. Again, our friend Sigmund Freud is ahead of us in this matter. The true Da Vinci Code is all about homosexuality--European repressed homosexuality in particular. In a nutshell, Leonardo is really saying, "I'm gay, but all Europeans are 'gay'. Everybody else has the five elements, which makes them all part gay, so get a life!" Indeed, Freud cites in his book Leonardo da Vinci: A Study in Psychosexuality that da Vinci was hooked on a childhood fantasy that he recorded, wherein a kite (mistranslated as a vulture) stuck its tail in his mouth. A bird, of course, symbolizes male genitalia, and a quick visit to Shanghai's sex museum will verify this. Some Asians, like Filipinos, still also colloquially call the penis a "bird," and da Vinci dreams of oral intercourse with it; a deadly one though since it is a kite, indicating repression.

Furthermore, during the 1400s, Florence was the "Gay Mecca" of Europe, and Leonardo was charged and arrested in 1476 for sodomy with a boy model, Jacopo Saltarelli. He was imprisoned for two months, but he had friends and patrons in high places, so the charges were eventually dropped.

His works clearly show repressed homosexuality. For instance, in the Last Supper, the depiction of a "gay" or effeminate John neatly split from Jesus in a V-shaped form shows how Europeans struggle with their gay side. Now, Brown theorizes that da Vinci actually portrayed Mary Magdalene instead of John, and what is interesting here is that this conflict about John and the Magdalene clearly indicates White Man's struggle with his hidden gay self and his outward fraudulent heterosexual self, just like the gay controversy over the Unedited or Original Gospel of Mark ("Secret Gospel of Mark"). The Da Vinci Code actually says, "So Dark the Con of White Man! White Man is a Fraud! Get Real!"

Of course Brown is not wrong completely, since Jesus actually had a common-law relationship with the Magdalene, as written in the Gospel of Philip. Back then, if a man and a woman slept with each other regularly, they were considered married. No contracts or elaborate ceremonies were needed, and some Asian gurus preached that practice. (Usus-type or common-law marriages are still legal in some parts of the world today.) In addition, due to the volatility of his Brown Male disciples, Iesous (Jesus) may have indeed assigned leadership to the Taller Brown Female (Magdalene).

Another famous work of Leonardo, which more obviously depicts repressed homosexuality, is his Vitruvian Man, an image now widely used, specially in medical logos, by Whites and Brown Males. Even the Italian Euro displays it proudly, implying the gay roots of wealth, luxury and class. In this illustration, man's "bird" takes center stage. In fact, man here flaps like a bird, suggesting that man in its entirety is also a "bird," trapped within a cage--the strict confines of a limiting circle and a square, both in mind and body. Leonardo would obviously love to free it, and Giorgio Vasari describes how Leonardo "often when passing by the places where they sold birds he would take them out of their cages, and paying the price that was asked for them, would let them fly away into the air, restoring to them their lost liberty." (The spread-eagle pose is also presented in the Great Seal of the United States and the American one-dollar bill. This repressed "gay" symbol is also used as a not-so-repressed mascot, such as in the case of the Jesuit's Ateneo Blue Eagles, where the erect "bird" is viewed from an angle in flight. This also implies the "gay-bi" roots of "brotherly love," brotherhoods, fraternities and "bands of brothers." And it also reminds me of my visit in 2004, with some African American friends, to Alcatraz, where Robert Stroud, the "Birdman," was locked up. Although he was not allowed to care for birds in Alcatraz, unlike his previous cell, his compassion for sick birds and his search for bird-disease cures allowed him to pacify his own "bird." )

Next, of course, da Vinci's "transvestite" Mona Lisa says it all again through a gay smile, very similar to that of flirtatious gay shopkeepers in San Francisco. Here Leonardo depicts a woman as a she-man, in the same way as he depicts a man (St. John the Baptist) as a he-woman. Here he shows you that even heterosexual desire is partly gay. It would not be easy to recognize how creepy these paintings are until you see da Vinci's Angelo Incarnato (Angel in the Flesh), which shows a pornographic sketch straight out of a horror film, resembling his depiction of St. John the Baptist, but with an erect penis drawn liberally by da Vinci. Without a shadow of a doubt, Leonardo was a homosexual, and Europe's fanaticism over him is indicative of White Man's own "repressed homosexuality." As he says, "When I made a Christ-child you put me in prison, and now if I show Him grown up you will do worse to me."

Truly Leonardo was nothing more than a gay artist, definitely not an inventor, but you have to thank him for sharing his "secret" guts with you. He was also able to get ideas from fellow artists who copied from Chinese books liberally. It is fascinating how information can spread at such a fast rate. Da Vinci would borrow from Alberti, di Giorgio, and Taccola. Menzies mentions some of the gayified drawings of Da Vinci compared to the unaesthetic originals of the Chinese illustrators, who need to learn how to draw better from Europe. For example, comparable ideas or illustrations include ratchets and gears (200 BCE) from the Tso Chuan, chain drives from Su Sung's Hsun I Hsiang Fa Yaoch (1090 CE), Sung paddle-wheel warships (418 CE), Parachutes (1st century CE), hot-air balloons (2nd century CE), “bamboo dragonflies” (which I played with when I was a kid) or helicopter principles (4th century CE) from the Bao Pu Zi, flying cars (which is probably how European Atlantis fantasies inflated) from the Shan Hai Ching Kuang Chu (2nd Century CE), machine guns (950 CE), suspension bridges (25 BCE), cannons, mortars, bombards, pins, axles, cams, levers, flywheels, crank shafts, ball and chains, locks, spoke wheels, pulleys, arch bridges, canals, armored cars, catapults, odometers, compasses and printing presses.

Of course, in 1313 CE, Wang Chen prints the first bestselling mass-produced book, the Nung Shu, with 265 diagrams and engineering illustrations, using movable type, with 60,000 separate types, decades before Gutenburg. Unfortunately, Grandma's counterpart in China, the old (Shredder) Red Guard, burned these books. The British, however, preserved it, in honor of information dissemination and proliferation.

Kepler, Galileo, Newton and Einstein would later assimilate previous works, and this clearly shows that “genius” is nothing more than the assembly or linking of knowledge, specially the previous compounded works of others. It is related to what Dr. Carl Jung, the Buddhist-believing psychiatrist and Swiss counterpart of Freud, calls synchronicity. Like “lifeless” brain neurons which only make sense when they are connected, information and people are only sensible when “connected” to each other.

In the micro-sense of the mind, this occurs because of “abnormal” neurotransmitter levels, which some people, such as old Microsoft staff, attempt to simulate through artificial drugs like LSD. Even some shamans attempt to fake schizophrenia through hallucinogenic drugs, as Terence McKenna, a drug pusher and user who originated the 2012 scam, demonstrated with his Amazon experience, when he was high on Mayan "magic mushrooms." Although the scam is now an end-of-the-world hoax, McKenna's actual 1975 Timewave Zero theory ends in "hippie" convergence.

ImageOn the other hand, the macro-sense of synchronicity is explained through the Buddhist Universal Web or even the Gaia Hypothesis, where the world is like one organism with seemingly “lifeless”, “non-related” “neurons” or individual organisms. Even the "female" galaxy, which seems to be a dead object becomes a “living thing” when the entire system is integrated into a “spirit” called “God,” like a living starfish, having a complex nervous system, but appearing dead and feeling like a rock even when you touch it.

However, this is no secret. It's all “common sense”. Sooner or later, it will indeed become more common and sensible. It's just a matter of leisurely time (turtle power)!

(Addendum Block Posted December 2008)

"As a student of comparative religions, I believe that Buddhism is the most perfect one the world has ever seen. The philosophy of the theory of evolution and the law of karma were far superior to any other creed. It was neither the history of religion nor the study of philosophy that first drew me to the world of Buddhist thought but my professional interest as a doctor. My task was to treat psychic suffering and it was this that impelled me to become acquainted with the views and methods of that great teacher of humanity, whose principal theme was the chain of suffering, old age, sickness and death."

--Dr. Carl Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist and Founder of the Jungian School of Psychology


Posted on Sunday 27 of November, 2005 [01:03:34 UTC]

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Rodney St.Michael's Blog

Last modified 01 Aug 2008 [10:43 UTC]
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Chapter 5: The Fantastic Fifth Element

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Friday 26 of August, 2005
ImageAs I look across the Singapore River from the Coffee Bean café where I'm lounging in right now, I can see three colorful banners vertically posted with five stars and a crescent moon within each banner. It reminds me of the movie that I watched a few weeks ago--The Fantastic Four plus Dr.Doom. When I was a kid, I never realized that the Fantastic Four symbolized the Four Elements--the Indian-Greek version of the Chinese Five Elements. Now I know what it means, just as I appreciate now the meaning of the Olympic flag, the HK flag, or even the detailed version of it in the EU flag.

The variance of course between the Indian-Greek and Chinese versions of the Elements is due to approximation and frame of reference. And Stan Lee's movie version has bridged the gap by highlighting the fifth element, Metal, as the industrialist Dr. Doom. Water and Air, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl are also highlighted as the main heroes since it is told from the "gay-bi" perspective, where Wood is viewed as nothing but Air, although sexy and attractive for Fire, who switches the male-female role of Water and Air.

Naturally, this is only a frame of reference. Americans, who are eccentric toward the Body, will tend to search for the Mind and Spirit. The Mind-eccentric Chinese, on the other hand, will dynamically move toward the Body and Spirit. And the Asian Indians, who are Spirit-eccentric will mate with the Body and Mind.

ImagePart of the Body is the Subtle Thief. This is a Western strength that the East learns from, just as the West learns spiritual matters from the East. The militant Middle Man or Western merchant, as opposed to the Ubuntu (Earth) merchant, is a subtle thief in varying degrees. And he learns his craft from the School of Thieves or more commonly known with its politically-correct name, business school. And as "Rich Dad" would say, the authentic business school is not held in a classroom. That is Water and Air's territory. Real business skills are developed in the School of Life, in Experiential Learning. And when Life bumps you around, it is another wake up call. It's Life telling you to be enlightened once again.

The Fire businessman then hones and polishes his key skill, positive spin and rhetoric. He doesn't say things in blunt honesty like the Chinese, who tend to be socially inadequate. Instead, he spins the ball and magically creates fantasy out of reality, stealing the show from Earth. For instance, He will not tell a pregnant woman that she looks obese. Instead, he will say that she looks cute and bubbly.

ImageHe will not settle for a simple Chinese tea house or a South American Coffee or Chocolate Hut. And so, he steals it, plants it in India, Ceylon or Java, and he repackages the whole idea into a concept such as Starbucks.

He then uses his mastery in spin to deliver his message in what is called marketing, advertising and sales. He can make you believe that leather goods, clothes or any other item is really worth ten times the price of what it costs to produce in Asia.

Take note that he believes that this is not exploitation. He really believes in this and that is the key. His frame of reference is from the body which is why he truly believes in it. The American worker for instance thinks that the American Industrialist is evil in the sense that he sends their jobs overseas to countries like India and China. But in his heart, the militant Middle Man thinks that he is truly helping the less fortunate since he is helping those who need it more.

ImageAnd Asians, strong in the Mind or in the Spirit, but weak in the Body, are realizing this gradually. A few days ago, I asked the Singapore Visitor's Centre along Orchard Road about the whereabouts of Gavin Menzie's 1421 Theory Exhibit. The staff there hardly knew about its existence. And even when I went to the Esplanade, the staff there did not even know that the exhibit was next to their building. It did not seem important for them that the Chinese discovered America first before Columbus. It seems that Singaporeans prefer to spend their time in the craft of the Body instead of the eccentricities of the Mind.

Interestingly enough, the exhibit shows a Chinese Map of the West Coast of the United States and the Far East with Marco Polo's mark on it. A copy of the map is now in a vault in the Library of Congress. And at first it seems fascinating that the Italians stole U.S. maps from China as early as the 13th century and that Columbus did not blindly go to America without previous maps from China. But what is truly fascinating is the excellence of the Italians in theft, something that the Mind and Spirit can learn from. To this day, Venice has the highest crime rate in Western Europe, yet it is remembered for its romantic ambience.

ImageIndeed, the Thief follows no law except for the Laws of Physics. Sectors and Voices create laws based on their interests and values. People can escape from the Laws of Moses, the U.S. Constitution, the Laws of India, Japan or Europe, but they must all bow down to the Laws of God--the Laws of Physics, which is valid everywhere in the Universe, according to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.

It would be great if we could capture the Five Elements with deeper precision, but because of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal--which states that when you observe phenomena, you inevitably interact with it and change its course--only approximations and probabilities are possible. In the quantum level--the level of negatively charged electrons, positively charged protons, neutral neutrons or its components, up quarks and down quarks--the uncertainty is more obvious than large objects such as the moon.

But humans deal with the quantum level regularly. Light waves, for instance, enter the human eye and react with numerous variables in the brain that produce perception and thought. The variables are too numerous and it complies to a lesser or greater degree to the Uncertainty Principal that you can only approximate human behavior.

Thus, the Subtle Thief, markets to "all." He knows that being too precise in his judgments, which is commonly called "prejudice," leads to inaccurate results. So he amasses the wealth of the Body by globalizing, expanding and believing that "everyone" can do it. (Many times, he gets carried away though. He promotes his beliefs in corporate logos portraying three or more stars such as in the logos of Starbucks and Procter & Gamble. Or he may depict a three, four or five-pointed star such as in the logos of Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Citibank, Texaco or Chrysler. And like everything else that needs to be moderated, excessive use of the Trinitarian or multi-element theory leads to harm and conflict. But the people and the forces of nature automatically moderate them and the harm is neutralized. On the other hand, companies that use it below moderation, such as Africa's Ubuntu Linux, seeing "the whole as greater than the sum of its parts," or French-Brazilian Mandriva Linux, the default free Operating System in my five-OS multi-boot laptop, are likely to grow.)

Indeed, the Middle Man knows more about practical physics than is believed. He knows that to produce fine products and services, different voices and sectors must participate in it. For instance, the British company, which produced the O2 XDA mini that I'm using now to type this essay, used components and engineers from all over Asia. The American Palm keyboard that I use in conjunction with it did likewise. And the Taiwanese Sandisk Wifi card that links it to the World Wide Web does the same thing. A Japanese Sony earphone plugs into it while I listen to a Filipina artist, Kitchie Nadal. I then codify ideas from Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Lastly, when I'm done, I protect my XDA mini with a fine leather case from Spain, courtesy of Piel Frama.

Indeed, the Subtle Thief is a master craftsman in uniting Body, Mind and Spirit. So, when I prepare for my business trip to India in a few weeks, I will remember the Fantastic Fifth Element. Way to go Fantastic Five!

Medici Never Sleeps

2008 was a very gainful year for me, but not for some people, like fiery Whites and metallic Brown Males. Until now, they probably still lose sleep over their shrinking or lost fortunes. The rest of the world will have a hard time trusting these two again—specially Whites, the King of Fraud. However, you have to remember that the gender breeds have an infinite combination of genders and gender minds within them. They are not all the same, and some of them are still honest ubuntu merchants.

While this may not be the case for many American multinationals, natural forces simply deflate them over time, like men who knock themselves out through drug abuse. Indeed, I was employed directly for more than a decade in multinationals, including Citibank, MCI, Worldcom and Verizon, studying the “roots of evil.” I also worked indirectly for Microsoft and AOL Time Warner, while my brother managed different units under Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. Consequently, I realized that “evil” is nothing but GLB, not just the gender breed or the gender mind, but also the gender itself. I had never seen as many gays, lesbians or bisexuals in my entire life during my years with these companies. In the past, I did not know that there were so many of them because at that time I was ignorant of their presence. Many of them appear to be just plain male or female until you discover their hidden selves later.

This is basically what the rest of the world discovered in 2008. This was the year where giant financial institutions like Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, AIG and Citibank collapsed. The U.S. Government bailed out AIG and Citibank, though, who were almost bankrupt. Likewise with U.S. automakers like GM and Chrysler, who were also saved from bankruptcy.

Many White and Brown billionaires also lost fortunes. Lakshmi Mittal, Anil Ambani (-$30B), Oleg Deripaska (-$18 B), Anurag Dikshit (-$0.6 B), Bjorgflur Gudmundsson (-$1.1 B), and Luis Portillo (-$1.2 B) were the major losers. However, the more popular billionaire losers were Warren Buffet (-$16.5 B), Bill Gates (-$12.3 B), Microsoft's Paul Allen (-$2.6 B), Google's Larry Page (-$11.9 B), Google's Sergey Brin (-$11.7 B), Oracle's Larry Ellison (-$8.2 B), Rupert Murdoch (-$4 B), Dell Computer's Michael Dell (-$3.3 B), eBay's Pierre Omidyar (-$3.2 B) and Apple's Steve Jobs (-$2.3 B). Former NASDAQ chairman Bernard Madoff was also arrested for fraud and his victims included celebrities such as Steven Spielberg

Interestingly, the top loser lists did not include or negligibly included Yellows and the Brown Female, since Yellows naturally despise credit and consider it to be a great “evil”. In fact, Fitch Credit Ratings recently said that China, the Philippines and Indonesia are the only countries that are not in Fitch Ratings' negative watch after the 2008 credit crisis. They are expected to continue to fair well in 2009.

Centuries ago, however, China provided the inspiration for Europe to rise, so the Whites and Brown Males will continue to be around the economic arena. As Gavin Menzies mentions in 1434, the Medici bankers became the wealthiest in Europe after the Asian delegation gave the Italians maps, books and all the information that they needed to be reborn during the Renaissance. They funded illuminati activities including astronomy, engineering, mathematics, art, exploration, geography and many others. Truly, the bank was the patron or sponsor of poor and needy illuminati. Unfortunately, the Medici Bank was “God's bank” or the Pope's mobile ATM, which collected forced tithes from Europeans who did not want to be excommunicated. Like the multinationals of today, if the Medicis only followed Asian principles in a timely and circumstantial manner, restraining themselves from misusing or abusing the 5-element theory, proudly displayed on their coat of arms, like Hitler, then the apprentice would not have fallen into the dark side of the Tao.

It is comforting to know though that this is all expected. After all, it is Buddha's first noble truth. You already know what to do with it, and that makes you a winner!

(Addendum Block Posted on January 2009)

"Certain infidels (non-Christians) called Guzzarati (Hindus) do not feed upon anything that contains blood, nor do they permit among them any injury be done to any living thing, like our Leonardo da Vinci."
--Andrea Corsali in a letter to Giuliano de’ Medici, Patron of da Vinci, regarding da Vinci's Hindu-Buddhist practices

Chapter 9: Place Your Bets! Miryam Rolls the Dice While Kali Holds Her Breath

Imagine yourself waking up one day in a sea of garbage, decaying flesh and dung. You walk for miles searching for food to fill your ulcered stomach and all you find are small morsels of what seems to be organic matter feasted on by flies. If you were a White man, I would doubt your survival. But if you were Brown, I would place my bet on you.

ImageImage Sometime around the 1440s, the New Zealand Maoris experienced a scenario similar to this. A few years after the Asian diplomatic visit to Italy in 1434, a heavenly body, either a comet or an asteroid fragment, pierced the sea between New Zealand's South Island and Antarctica. Australian aboriginals witnessed the great fireball too, as the sky “fell,” producing a mega-tsunami that would be felt throughout the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the South East Asian seas, wiping out practically the entire fleet of Zheng He.

The proud coastal warriors of the Americas were now also easy prey for the mountain-dwelling Incas, allowing them to take over and build a great empire, as related by Menzies. Large South East Asian cities such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia were abandoned. (European cities, such as Paris, paled in comparison to Angkor Wat at that time.) Grand Buddhist temples such as the one in Borobudur, Indonesia were also deserted, and Indonesians started forsaking their Hindu-Buddhist faith in favor of Islam. The Chinese government would also eventually declare the end of their sea adventures and world dominance, banning Chinese sailors from ever sailing again. The 2004 earthquake-induced Asian tsunami, which killed about a quarter of a million people in 11 countries, may have been nothing compared to what the Maoris felt in the 1440s, but they survived! So movies like Deep Impact obviously cannot be taken seriously, unless you are White.

Today, scientists like the Holocene Impact Working Group, are studying this phenomenon, its probability and frequency. Dallas Abbott of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory proposes the 1440 impact site to be the 20-kilometer Mahuika crater, south of New Zealand. An ice core from Antarctica's Siple Dome determined the impact year to be 1443, more or less. Australian geologist Ted Bryant also carbon-dated shell pieces in Australia's Wollongong vicinity, and he concluded that it was washed up there by a mega-tsunami around the same period. These scientists continue to work together to determine the authenticity of the impact area.

ImageImage Cedric Bell, a retired marine engineer, also explored New Zealand's Wakanui Beach, near Christchurch. He discovered the remains of Chinese ships, barbecued by unforgiving fire and hurled by ferocious waves that formed cliffs. The charcoal ships were somehow thrown up like puny surfboards and hammered to the earth. It was carbon-dated by Waikato University to the same 1400 period.

Clearly, comet or asteroid impacts will not likely usher the end of the world, as Hollywood might make you think. The one that hit the earth around 1440 may have ended China's reign, but life went on. They were able to pass the ball to Europe, who continued the movie script of life. Astronomers determined that for the last 2,000 years, meteor sightings peaked during the 1400s. Indeed, impacts are rare, and fragments larger than the Mahuika chunk are even rarer. If another one hits us, it would most likely hit the water again, which covers two-thirds of the earth's surface. But if it hits land, it would be like the Tunguska Event, which did not end the world.

Hence, bolide impacts are nothing to be worried about. However, this has not stopped some groups from fearing the year 2012. They have made doomsday predictions based on the ancient Mayan calendar that supposedly ends in 2012, in conjunction with Terence McKenna's I-Ching hallucinations. The Chinese, Hindu-Arab and Mayan worlds were indeed in contact for thousands of years Before Christ as the Harris maps and Chinese records show. Both Chinese and Mayan astronomers even witnessed and described a comet that was visible in 1430 for 26 days, but Asian science and philosophy dictates a world that continuously cycles without a beginning or an end, only different points or markers in infinite cycles.

Mayans divided their time line or calendar using the five elements and the cycles, just like their ancient Asian friends. The earth wobbles, just like a spinning top that is about to fall. It takes about 26,000 years to complete one wobble cycle, so Asians and Mayans divided this cycle into sub-cycles or eras that loop perpetually. The Arabs divided it into 12, for the 12 divisions of the zodiac in precession. For instance, we are now crossing over from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, departing schizophrenia and moving towards reason. The Mayans, on the other hand, divided it into five, for the five elements. (The 12 divisions of the zodiac are also the four elements, but detailed.) So, the ancient Mayans would have believed in the same thing; that is, by 2012, the world will cycle through a new era—the Age of the Fifth Element. How you think of this era will depend on how you view the Brown Male because he has two personalities—Great Teacher (Bathara Guru/Bathala) and Terrorist (Kali). (Although some kids might disagree with me, believing that the two are synonymous!)

ImageImage The cycles do not end. There is never really an absolute beginning or end for everything, only a relative one. The cycles simply continue perpetually, in one form or another, including “death” and “rebirth.” For instance, as the Earth wobbles and spins around its axis, it perpetually cycles through night and day, while it circles the Sun in a tilted elliptical manner, cycling through the four seasons. Then the Sun moves up and down while it circles the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, like a wooden horse in a carousel, cycling once approximately every 225 million years, crossing the galactic plane every 33 million years. The Sun is now moving away from the plane since it crossed it three million years ago. Then our galaxy is being hurled out from the initial Big Bang point, just like a child throwing a Philippine yo-yo. Eventually, the yo-yo runs out of string and is pulled back into the child's hand. But he throws it out again to start another Big Bang. This means that while everything in the Universe will eventually be “destroyed,” everything will be “recreated” again when a new cycle begins. (The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy says that nothing is really created or destroyed. It only changes form.) This cycle runs perpetually. Even though this idea started as Hindu myth, it was eventually adopted by some Western clergy, and scientists have now verified its accuracy.

These ideas are not widely known, so this is where 2012 marketing can make a positive difference. Even if the 2012 Apocalypse is not accurate, the mere fact that these ideas are being discussed fulfills its purpose. The polarities of physical reality dictate that for everything negative, something positive balances it out somewhere else. This certainly happened after the 1440 tsunami. Asia's loss was Europe's gain. They eventually progressed from the Renaissance to the Age of Exploration, Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. It was only in the Information Age that the Asians were able to wake up again from their slumber.

Even if positive things occur, of course, it does not necessarily mean improvement. It is simply aging through a cycle. Whether it “improves” or “worsens” depends on the stage of the cycle and perspective, just like the different stages of a growing boy or an aging man. Overall, though, the net effect is really “no change” or “no improvement,” just aging. For every benefit, for example, of technology, there is a harmful counterpart, leading to a net improvement of “zero.”

ImageImage During the Age of Enlightenment, Leibniz seemed to realize this more than Newton. Isaac was hot-headed, paranoid, autistic and schizophrenic. But Gottfried was relatively cool, even though he was autistic on the social side, specially with women. His secret was probably his love for the I Ching—the ancient Chinese classic about time, change and the cycles. In fact, he is called a sinophile today.

It makes you realize that great inventions are just reactions to domino momentum, not really an achievement by itself. Somehow, Newton intuitively knew this and was always on the look out for people “stealing” his “inventions.” He accused Leibnitz, for instance, of stealing his “invention” of Calculus, knowing full well that if the raw materials were there already, somebody else could easily gayify it to “improve” it. The Indians already had a calculus textbook, Yuktibhasa, by 1530. All they had to do was improve it, and Leibnitz beat his rival, Newton, to it. Gottfried was the first to publish his work on calculus in 1684, which plagued Newton, who published his work decades later, for the rest of his life.

All other inventions that came after were also the result of domino momentums. The parts for a car for instance were already there. The Chinese already invented materials and parts such as steel, gears and the piston pump. Someone just had to gayify it.

Image Leibnitz seemed to know this. When he was working on the binary number system, the language of computers today, the Jesuits gave him a copy of the I Ching. He fell in love with it because it showed the universal language of the universe using the binary system of yin and yang—something that he had been searching for. It showed that everything in the universe can be described by the polarities. Yang or the “male” polarity is drawn as a solid line. Leibnitz drew it as a “stick” or the number 1. Yin or the “female” sign is illustrated as a divided line. Gottfried drew it as a “hole” or the number 0. These polarities in combination can form numbers from zero to infinity, and the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching describe the basic combinations.

Yin and Yang is the language of today's computers. If you are reading this from my website, everything that you see and hear here are a series of 0s and 1s—the text, pictures, videos, sounds, music and software. Artificial Intelligence, which mimics the human mind are also yin-yang combinations. Likewise with virtual worlds or computer games that simulate what you perceive from the light that gathers through your eyes.

Dr. Carl Jung, recommends the use of the I Ching for self-psychoanalysis since it simulates the way the mind works and acts like a mirror for your thoughts, so that it can be seen clearly. It works by flipping three coins randomly, the way the universe works. It will produce four basic combinations of heads (Yang) and tails (Yin)—(1) Mature Yin, (2) Mature Yang, (3) Immature Yin and (4) Immature Yang. These correspond to the four elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire. These elements in turn, when combined together in various ways, produce the 64 hexagrams or possibilities. When the ancient Chinese were confronted with forks in life, they wanted to know the possible outcomes of their decisions, so they asked the I Ching what would happen or what changes would occur if they did this or that. The I Ching would give an answer be creating one of the 64 hexagrams, and the way they interpret it allows them to see their own thought patterns more clearly.

Marie-Louise Von Franz, a student of Dr. Jung discovered later that the 64 codons of DNA, the building blocks of life, correspond exactly to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. This means that it is really a code for universal reality which illustrates the dynamic changes in the cycles of time. Schizophrenics or bipolars such as Charles Darwin, whose lifelong illness debilitated him, and the "father of genetics," Gregor Mendel, who became a monk because he suffered from nervous breakdowns starting at age 17, describe how genes and evolution create diverse creatures and humans, based on the Asian philosophy of evolution and change.

Another way to illustrate the dynamic changes of the elements over time is through games. Dice were invented in India for gambling thousands of years ago. They were then introduced to China. Consequently, the Chinese developed the idea by inventing dominoes, originally representing one of the 21 cubic dice-pair results. The Chinese then invented playing cards, originally based on dominoes, alongside the first printed books in the 7th century. The Indians improved the playing cards using the idea of four-handed Hindu gods like Kali, representing the four elements. It eventually reached Europe and was gayified or cleaned up. The Italian card deck is similar to the Indian deck since it uses four suits that symbolize the four hands of Kali, the goddess of time and change, carrying a head (coin), sword, cup, and trident (stave). The French simplified it by changing the four suits to diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs. This is the 4-element deck commonly used today in casinos.

Image Games like Poker simulate the games that the four elements play with each other. The Arabs invented poker centuries ago. Each player has five cards in their hand with various combinations from a deck of shuffled cards, representing the multiple combinations that the elemental players carry in real life. Each player bluffs each other to win the money pot, depending on the cards that they possess. Each element in society, whether it be the gender minds, genders, “races,” classes, and organizations “play” with each other in a similar way.

Another game that shows this is Chess. It was invented in India in the 6th century, originally called chaturanga, meaning “four divisions.” Players compete from two sides, simulating a war, using various combinations and techniques to outwit and out-maneuver each other.

In the 20th century, game theory was developed to mathematically describe how the elements play with each other. This theory was popularized by the schizophrenic mathematician, John Forbes Nash, who won the Nobel Prize for it, along with a movie, A Beautiful Mind, which won the 2001 Oscar Best Picture Award. Nash is best known for the Nash Equilibrium and the analysis of the Prisoner's Dilemma, which basically implies that rational self-interest from both players results in lower pay offs.

This is basically what we can get from Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero 2012 theory. His math may be non-sense, drug-induced or arbitrary. But in the end mankind is simply going around and around, up and down, in and out, in an infinite cycle of “death” and “rebirth.” Just when people think that they need to fight to go somewhere, in the final analysis, nobody is going anywhere. Nobody is gaining anything. They are all trapped by Kali's yo-yo strings, and the final score will always be zero.

I guess that is what Timewave Zero is really all about, so in all likelihood, I think 2012 will not be such a bad year. We might, in fact, see the likes of hippies waving their hands, flashing a roman numeral five with their fingers, symbolizing peace, listening to a lesbian voice inside their head and singing “words of wisdom: Let it be.” I see Bollywood dancing and the Brown Male singing. It's Woodstock all over again! (But that's for the last book!)

(Addendum Block Posted on March 2009)

Posted on Friday 26 of August, 2005 [15:59:25 UTC]

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Chapter 10: Life Begins at 33

It's the 33rd year of my life, and life has never been this good! cool

Posted on Sunday 22 of May, 2005 [23:40:37 UTC]

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Chapter 10: Vesak Day (Buddha Day 2005) in Zobel's Micro-Illuminated Path

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Thursday 19 of May, 2005
ImageI was walking along Zobel's Greenbelt 3 park in the Philippines yesterday, and I was surprised to see a Star Wars promotional party, sponsored by Zobel's Globe Telecom, in the fountain-stage area.Image A pair of Star-Wars promo hosts was asking the people around the area different questions about the new movie, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, while a cameraman followed these hosts to project their presence on the big screen. If the people around the park answered the questions correctly, they were awarded free tickets for the advanced screening on May 18th in the nearby Greenbelt 3 theater.

ImageI was one of the lucky ones who answered a question correctly. They just asked me about one of the key causes of Anakin's suffering--Queen Amidala. And I won three FREE tickets!

ImageWow! The third episode is indeed the best one among the six! It reminded me of the movie, The Killing Fields, about the massacre in Cambodia. And Jedi architecture reminded me of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. This episode though is probably the most preachy, which is why it did not seem to attract the massive crowds that one usually expects from a Lucas movie.

ImageIt shows how the cycle of "good" and "evil" alternates, and it reveals the dark side of "good" and the light side of "evil." It depicts how an innocent boy like Anakin Skywalker becomes a brutal monster like Darth Vader and how it becomes difficult to point a finger at him.

In the end, I walked out the theater feeling very satisfied. My American boss has invited our team to watch it on Sunday, May 22, Vesak Day (Buddha Day). Most people probably don't know that Episode III's opening weekend will be on Buddha weekend.

But when I watch it on Sunday again at Rockwell, I will remember the birth, enlightenment and death of a great buddha--Anakin Skywalker. His followers worship him daily in his samurai-helmet temple in the Greenbelt 4 vicinity. His former Grand Master and the Rebel Alliance sit and party along the hall of Greenbelt 2.Image

And I will remember the themes of impermanence, detachment and the neutralization of fear. I will remember that it is only when all 5 elements are mutually respected and completed, that peace settles in. And I will remember that it was the nation of "pirates" and "militants" who delivered this message to the "unbelieving" shaman nations.

Happy Vesak Day! ImageImage

Posted on Thursday 19 of May, 2005 [11:44:23 UTC]

RP Vesak Weekend: May 15-17, 2009



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Chapter 10: Conclusion

Rodney St.Michael in Rodney St.Michael's Blog
Wednesday 12 of May, 2004
Throughout history, man has attempted to chart his own destiny with a compass, sometimes believing that by going around in a circle, he will get somewhere. But as stubbornly insane as man is, he finally succumbed to the Tao—the god of Gravity, Space and Time. He finally realized that the cycles are supreme, and he laid it down in books, such as the Tao Te Ching and the I-Ching, or the Way of the Virtuous Force and the Cycles. For he noticed that as the moon circled the earth, as the earth spins around its axis, producing the cycle of day and night, and as the earth revolves around the sun, cycling through the four seasons, the tides also turned from a manic high to a depressing low.

And although he noticed that the Virtuous Force produced a legion of personalities as it circled the globe, he simplified this rainbow-like spectrum into five elements—wood, water, earth, fire and metal—the characteristics of the Scholar, Shaman, Business Class, Militants and Working Class. He also realized that the Force pronounced five basic needs within these personalities, namely; self-actualization needs, superego needs, social or belongingness needs, security needs and physiological needs, respectively, as restated by Abraham Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs.

In the end, man produced an ancient algorithm that could approximate a person’s predisposed needs at birth, after the Force molds the fetus like clay in a Potter’s Wheel. For a while, this secret code allowed an ancient elite group to balance their brain chemistry by knowing the levels of their five elements, to produce happiness and peace. Later, the secret was revealed, but some people thought that this was all hearsay.

However, in 1915, the schizophrenic scientist, Albert Einstein, introduced his Nobel-prize-winning thesis, called Gravitational Theory or better known as the General Theory of Relativity. And all of a sudden, the Way of the Force was confirmed.

Today, the Force continues to shape political, spiritual, economic, security and social policy, around the globe. Some are now seeing the light and have succumbed to the Virtuous Force. How about you? Is the Force with you?


Posted on Wednesday 12 of May, 2004 [03:38:38 UTC]

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